BORDER HAWK’S DAN LYMAN: “We Were Never Asked.”
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Adapted from Dan Lyman’s address to’s Summer Conference at the Berkeley Springs Castle, WV, June 17, 2023.

Good morning! I’d like to give a round of applause to the Brimelow family and everyone at for putting on this conference, for securing this castle, a place where we can all meet. You know how hard it is to meet in safety and security these days, anywhere in dissident politics. So what they’ve done [PB: actually Lydia] is magnificent.

My name is Dan Lyman. I’m the president and Editor-In-Chief of

We are here because we believe Western civilization is in the midst of an existential crisis. Rampant mass migration from the Third World poses an imminent threat to our nation. The government-media complex works day and night to obfuscate the truth about how dire our predicament is. It employs a stunning array of propaganda weaponry to keep us in the dark.

So in 2020, as Peter mentioned, we launched as a project of U.S. Inc. Many of you will probably be familiar with U.S. Inc. and with its founder John Tanton.

We thought that one of the things that was really lacking was a place where people could go and get a comprehensive view of all of the immigration news in a single place. We make it very simple for you, à la the Drudge Report. We’re very focused on immigration. I write all of the headlines, extract the pertinent information from CBP statements, from international news outlets, whatever it may be, and tell you exactly what you need to know in a short, simple headline. And if you want to, you can go and read that source material.

We also have exclusive content as well. We just sent reporters to both sides of the southern border and did exclusive reporting down there. BorderHawk is a resource center for anyone seeking a clearer picture about how immigration is affecting our way of life and irreparably damaging the fabric of a society that took centuries to craft and refine.

I’m also a correspondent for InfoWars. The reason that I was asked to run InfoWars Europe is because I was actually living in Europe.

Lyman in Gdansk

I lived one year in Iceland and five years in Switzerland, and came back to the U.S. relatively recently.

On a daily basis, I’m monitoring international media, foreign language media. Generally, I report on issues of immigration, often the crimes that are committed by migrants, and also the crimes committed by governments and by the media in covering up this important information, that rarely makes it to the audiences of the respective nations and certainly not to English-speaking audiences.

So we strip out the media bias. We extract the important information out of news stories that are impactful for the local populations, as well as the international audience, because the media is almost completely in lockstep in hiding the really important details.

So, essentially, my life has become a daily journey of Noticing patterns, highlighting them, and trying to do it in a way that stays within the TOS at Twitter and just leaving some things up to the imagination.

So you’ll probably be familiar with some of these euphemisms that we use on Twitter in order to send out the message.

Some of my favorite euphemisms:

And occasionally we use the phrase ”lunchtime rowdies” as an homage to the New York Post last year running a story about teens that had taken over a neighborhood in Greenwich Village and were wreaking havoc. It said something to the effect of ”Greenwich Village Street taken over by lunchtime rowdies.”

Really liked that one!

Me and the lads have co-opted that phrase. We might make it our own for our own lunchtime rowdies.

So because of this, it’s helped me to garner a relatively large Twitter following, nearly 25,000 followers at this point. And of course, that has also made me a target for hit pieces from everyone from Media Matters to Right Wing Watch to Vice to International Media. And I consider these my bona fides.

One of my favorite ones last year was written by some gremlin at Vice magazine and I have to read you a couple of excerpts because it’s pertinent to what we’re talking about.

There was a video going around. It hadn’t gotten many views, but essentially it was a small white child being brutally beaten by a larger child, a cultural enrichment diversity child.

I’m not sure of the background but the beating was so severe and, aside from any racial aspect, I just felt that it was just such an indictment of the public school system that this goes on all the time. We see these videos all the time and many times these students who are brutally beaten have no one to speak for them.

So I saw this, somebody sent it to me, it had a few thousand views. I wrote a caption: All I wrote was, ”Home School Your Children.”

This post went ultra viral. Seven million impressions. It ended up on Tucker Carlson. So when Arizona Republican party chairwoman Kelli Ward shared my post with her own commentary on it, Vice decided to pick up on it. After going through my timeline, they said:

Ward retweeted a violent video that appears to show a white child being savagely beaten by a larger boy with a darker complexion with the caption, ”Home School Your Children.” The original tweet came from Dan Lyman who describes himself as a “pureblood” on Twitter and has a pinned tweet of a shirtless man who appears to be him at the top of the account with the caption ”White Boy Summer Has Officially Begun.” [Links added]

[Arizona GOP Chair Shares Post from Racist Account, by Cameron Joseph, September 13, 2022]

There’s a reason I leave that as my pinned tweet: it’s that it’s the first thing gremlins from Vice and other deplorable media outlets see when they come to write a hit piece about me. And I know that it drives them insane!

These Soy Boys and feminist propagandists, it just triggers them as soon as they see that. And guilty as charged!

And of course, the writer, whether he knows or not what Pureblood means, he’s trying to insinuate some sort of a racial aspect. It’s not at all. I just haven’t taken the COVID shots and so that makes me a Pureblood.

The final paragraph I’ll read to you:

Lyman’s Twitter account is a cascade of violent videos, mostly Black people attacking white people [capitalized black, lower case white of course] as he seemingly looks to paint a crisis of anti-white violence in the US.

Apparently it didn’t occur to the writer to wonder about the possibility of a crisis of anti-white violence in the US. I’m the crisis—just for pointing it out!

So this created an international s-storm. There was even a panel discussion in the Dutch media discussing my tweet and others like it. They were wondering ”What’s going on in the U.S.? Why are all these children being beaten up by larger diversity products?”

And because of that, then other members of the Dutch media were sicced on to this Dutch outlet. And basically they analyzed my tweets and the others and they said they could not find any racial motives in the attacks.

They didn’t really care about the kids being attacked, they just cared whether or not there was a racial motive and what we were implying by that.

And there was even a toady at the European Union, some sort of Fellow in Public Affairs, who was tagging the E.U. trying to get me censored from Twitter just for posting “Home School Your Children.”


So this is a great example of how you don’t even have to say anything. All you have to do is point it out, Notice the Pattern, put your own commentary that has nothing to do with the racial aspect. For me it was about getting kids out of public schools. And the media and the Powers-That-Be latched on to this and immediately they start spinning the narrative.

Another example of that, another brouhaha that I was embroiled in last year, came when I appeared in a Tucker Carlson documentary called ”The End of Men.” Basically there was no political angle to it, it was about the drop in testosterone, the drop in sperm counts across the Western World. Other people appeared in the documentary, like RFK Jr., just talking about the dangers of Big Pharma. Basically all we did was, me and the lads, they flew us out to a ranch in Austin and we worked out and ate meat and talked about ways that we can build ourselves up as men and prepare ourselves to raise families.

But this created a much larger international storm than the previous story. Everybody from Colbert to the New York Times, to the Washington Post, every international media outlet came after us. They accused us of promoting fascism, White Supremacy, White Nationalism. Of course, there was no mention of any of this. It just so happened that a lot of the guys in the video were white. And they had a big problem with that.

So I’ll read you a couple of the excerpts, what these people pulled out of it and the propaganda that they spewed from it. Katie Phang from MSNBC said:

It’s a level of white male fragility that I don’t think anywhere we’ve seen other than prominently than on Fox News with Tucker Carlson.

Some hag at the Huffington Post wrote:

The steamy trailer for the first episode of his new season features a series of shots of half nude muscular white men.

MSNBC’s intellectual powerhouse, Joy Reid, said:

The decline of real men is code for conservative white men who need laser beams to make white babies.

You have to see the documentary to understand that.

It’s a message that resonates deeply with Carlson’s Gen X to elderly white male evangelical audience.

What’s the takeaway? They’ve revealed more about themselves than we have through this documentary. We drew them out into the light. They had their refit about us and they basically signaled that white people existing is a problem, white people promoting ways to stay healthy is a problem, and certainly white people talking about reproducing and procreating is a big, big problem.

That’s disturbing.

So Tucker asked this question the other day on his new show on Twitter: ”Can anyone in authority actually define white supremacy?”

Which we all get accused of all the time. What is it? Is White Supremacy liking white people too much? If so, that’s going to put those of us with white children in a pretty tough spot.

We’re expected to hate ourselves. We’re expected to not procreate. And if we do, we’re expected to indoctrinate our children to hate themselves.

So, through these experiences and previous experiences, I realized that, no matter what I said, I would still be called a racist Nazi bigot xenophobe. And I basically reached a point where I said, ”I don’t really care what they call me because this is a battle for the survival of Western civilization at this point. And if we kowtow to these people, we’re definitely not going to win.”

My background is not in politics. I fronted a rock band in California for about ten years. And I was never a libtard. I grew up conservative. But there was probably a period of about 10 years there when I was doing music, where I just couldn’t really bother with politics, or what was going on in the world.

But that all changed as I became a little more aware of what was going on. And my first real dose of what was going on in the outside world, outside my world of music in Southern California, was when my band was invited to tour in the United Kingdom. And we went over to the U.K., and I was pretty naive. This is in 2010.

When I went to England, I pictured the tea and crumpets in the castles and the fish and chip shops—which all exist, of course. What I didn’t know is that half of Pakistan and a quarter of India have moved into England as well. And I was walking the streets of Manchester and Birmingham and London and wondering: ”Where are all the Brits?”

That was a big wake-up call for me. I came back wondering: ”What’s the rest of Europe like?”

I hadn’t been to Europe yet at that time. So a couple years later on my honeymoon, I did go to Europe and I went backpacking across Europe. And we went to many of the usual spots and some of the lesser-known spots.

We started in Iceland and we moved on to Stockholm, Sweden.

There I learned that Stockholm, Sweden had a very large Iraqi population. And our Iraqi server at the restaurant recommended that we go to the Laughing Duck that night for a drink, which we did. The Laughing Duck is an Iraqi bar and we found that out the hard way. They were quite rude to my wife on the way in. I felt quite uncomfortable. I wondered, ”What’s going on in Stockholm?”

We moved on. Eventually we ended up in Paris. I booked a hotel in Paris, not knowing that it was in a de facto no-go zone. So we got off the train there and couldn’t believe what we were seeing.

And so, as you can imagine, my views on Europe were radically altered through this experience.

A couple years later, after living in Southern California for a while, I ended up moving up to North Idaho, just seeking a quieter life and to just kind of scale back on the whole California thing and live somewhere around like-minded people.

And it is a great place and I do encourage all of you to go visit if you haven’t been there. But I started encountering, now that I was out in the world, this breed of libtard that moves to a predominantly white area that’s secure, safe, pleasant, safe for your children.

And these people, invariably, they come up to you, and they ask, ”How are you liking it up here?” I say, ”It’s great.” And they say: ”Yeah, yeah, it’s nice, but it’s not really diverse enough, is it?”

I started feeling very protective of North Idaho at that time.

Shortly after that, we moved to Iceland for one year and Switzerland for five years. That gave me an opportunity to really travel extensively throughout Europe. And I realized that the problems in Western Europe are not mirrored in Eastern Europe. And when you spend time in places like Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, even the Balkans, you see that things are a little quieter in those places, they’re in much better shape in terms of security, cleanliness. Obviously, a lot of them are still recovering from the hangover of the wars and Soviet occupation. But in general, especially Poland, these are beautiful, safe, homogenous, cohesive cities. And I do recommend you visit there as well. And I realized the transformation that I was seeing in Western Europe, it wasn’t happening across Europe, and that was good to see.

So those travels and those contrasts gave me the opportunity to witness firsthand the differences between locales overrun by foreigners and those which remain relatively unscathed by mass migration and diversity. And to be clear, I spell diversity, D-I-E.

The stunning scope of scorched earth migration facilitated by anti-national entities truly dawned on me during a trip to the Arctic Circle in 2019. I had just landed at the airport in Boda, Norway, and hopped a high-speed ferry to the Lofoten archipelago.

I got on the ferry. To my great surprise, I discovered multiple African families were also on board. It’s not hard to differentiate between newly arrived migrants and tourists these days in Africa. If you’ve been on the ground for a little while, you can spot them right away. These were newly arrived migrants.

After spending a few days in the fishing village of Svolvær, I learned that African migrants have been resettled there in relatively large numbers in recent years.

This is north of the Arctic Circle. It’s really hard to get to. It’s very cold. And it’s very unpleasant if you’re from Africa, I assure you. There’s a certain breed of people that it takes to survive up there, and even I would struggle with that.

And so what I learned was there were Africans living all over this island. I couldn’t believe that. But then I remembered, during the 2015-2016 migration crisis in Europe, there was a story that sounded just so insane, but it was true. Sweden started bringing refugees to the northernmost ski resort in the whole world. They put hundreds of Arab and African refugees in the ski resort.

And nobody was even there to really take care of them apparently, and they just packed hundreds of them up there hoping that they would get things sorted out. And I remembered, oh, this resettlement thing above the Arctic Circle has been going on for a while.

But I witnessed it firsthand. I watched African mothers in their traditional garb pushing prams about town in the cold rain and pondered the extent to which our Rulers must hate us.

And those whom they recklessly transfer from totally disparate cultures and regions into the homelands, our ancestors fought, bled, and died to build for us.

We shouldn’t have to live like this. We were never asked if we wanted our homelands to be transformed the way that they are.

When our opinions are sought, we do speak up though, such as in polling. The Századvég Institute in Hungary conducts a poll every year of between 25,000 and 30,000 Europeans from 25 to 30 different countries. That’s a huge sample size, for anyone who knows anything about polling.

The 2022 Project Europe opinion poll conducted by Századvég  found:

…the responses revealed that as in recent years, an absolute majority, 78 percent, are concerned about the problem of the influx of illegal immigrants, and 56 percent believe that Europe’s Christian culture and traditions should be preserved.


So I have to ask, what’s getting better? What has improved since Western civilization began worshipping at the altar of Diversity and Open Borders?

We know about the big issues that are arising now with millions and millions of people pouring into our country just in the last few years. But it’s the little things too. Everything seems to be degrading, falling apart in the outside world, not here of course.

From crime to education to wages to job opportunities, to the matters that are harder to quantify but are painfully apparent when viewed through a red-pilled lens, such as the filth and decay consuming our population centers, the air travel experience, traffic and the condition of our crowded roads and public transport—even the appearance and physical condition of many Americans, especially those who are lower on the socioeconomic ladder. The wheels are coming off the bus.

A friend of mine on Twitter, Dissident Soaps, I recommend that you follow him, asked the other day:

What is the left’s explanation for why the entire country operated on post-pay gas pumps from 1900 until 1990?

It’s indicative of a complete collapse of social trust. [Cached Version, the account was suspended]

Perfectly put.

Globalists claim that we must import millions of migrants to do the jobs natives won’t do.

This is a lie.

I’ve seen it firsthand.

Rugged Americans will gladly landscape yards and frame new single-family homes as they do in Sandpoint, Idaho and Petoskey, Michigan. Hardy Croatians will cheerfully craft beautiful pizzas and seafood dishes, as they do in the kitchens of Restorani in Rovinj and Zadar.

Lovely Polish women will meticulously pinch and boil dumplings, as they do in the Pierogarnia of Gdansk and Wroclaw.

I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I know our people will work hard to sustain, support and preserve our ways of life, just as those who came before us.

While I’m black-pilled about the U.S., as we’ve known it, I’m cautiously optimistic about pockets of the country where like-minded people are circling the wagons to weather the storm that’s only bound to get worse. That’s happening in Montana, Wyoming, Idaho—and here in West Virginia.

Pockets of every state for the people that can’t get out of their respective states that seem lost. They’re at least gathering in certain places. Florida is another example in many ways.

But there aren’t many sanctuaries left for American refugees. They’re out there and they need to be filled and fortified both politically and culturally. When psycho libs in these places complain about the lack of diversity, we should offer to buy them a one-way trip to their culturally enriched paradise of choice.

I have no patience for these people anymore. The second this stuff starts, I tell them to get lost. Go away. There’s plenty of other places that you destroy that you can go back to.

I’m going to leave you with a haunting and poignant quote from Eric Zemmour, philosopher, author, defender of Western civilization, who comes from a land called France that has all been subsumed by mass migration and diversity.

It serves as a warning from the not-too-distant future, sentiments with which many of us will empathize but I hope we never have to embrace as our own.

We were defeated. We were conquered. But we were never replaced.

Thank you.

Dan Lyman [Email him] is president and Editor-In-Chief of Follow him on Twitter here.

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