Deport The Marietta Three! One Citizen's Crusade
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[Also by D.A. King: Marching Through Georgia]

"In no sense do I advocate evading or defying the law…

That would lead to anarchy…"—Martin Luther King Jr.

In September I reported in VDARE.COM my experiences concerning my efforts to report three illegal aliens in my hometown—Marietta, Georgia. I learned of these citizens of Mexico from the front page (complete with photos and smiles) of my local newspaper, the Marietta Daily Journal, August 24, 2003

Adios, law—Hola, anarchy.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi will no doubt be relieved to learn that "The Marietta Three"—Juan and Araceli Murillo (both previously apprehended and deported, but back again) and 23-year illegal resident Jube Corona— have not suffered the "terrorism" she denounced  when justice reached out to for Walmart's illegal alien employees.

And, according to two Atlanta B.I.C.E. officials—Special Agent Steve Peluso, a supervisor, and the second in command Special Agent Michael Higgins—they won't suffer the terror of having to obey the law anytime soon. 

How do I know that these illegal aliens are not back in Mexico, or in an American jail, seven weeks after I reported them?  

Because I saw two of them. On November 12th

Since leaving the ICE office in September, I have wondered about the results of my report. I wanted to know that my government was fulfilling its duty. I wanted to believe.

Not being a trained detective, I used a rather amateur method to test my faith. I called information. I asked the 411 operator if she had a listing for Juan Murillo in Austell. She did, and gave me the phone number and the street name. [VDARE.COM note: which we won't publish because we're not James Tarantoad.]

I drove to their house with the assistance of MAPQUEST. When I found their street, I compared the photo from the front page of the Marietta Daily Journal to the second house on the right. Same house. On the porch, I saw a woman who looked remarkably like Araceli Murillo.

This all took less than one hour.

On the way home, I drove to "El Ranchero"  restaurant, in Marietta, a distance of perhaps ten miles from the U.S. residence of the felonious, but free Murillos. 

Thinking that I may be able to ask some discreet questions and find out if Jube Corona was still employed there, as he had told the Marietta Daily Journal, I went in and ordered two tacos and guacamole (I'm a "Foodie." My advice: pass on the guacamole). No need for sleuthing here, the first person that came into view on entering was…Jube Corona. He is the manager. He works the cash register and supervises the six other Hispanic workers that I saw.

Jube Corona is not hiding out. Jube Corona is apparently not at all concerned about our Homeland Security system apprehending and deporting him.  It would seem that in consenting to being the subjects of the Marietta Daily Journal article, these three criminal "guests" knew something that I am only just learning—that there is little reason to fear the law.

The next day, this now extremely angry citizen made a return trip to the Investigations department of the Atlanta I.C.E. office to ask how such very public and boasting invaders could so easily escape justice.

I spoke to Special Agent Steve Peluso—who, incidentally, several times used the estimate of 14 million (!) illegals in the U.S.  Several days later, I spoke at length on the phone to his boss, Special Agent In Charge Michael Higgins: 

Some quotes from them when I asked why the illegals that I reported, and the other hundreds of thousands that inhabit the Atlanta area, were still living freely:


  • "Not a priority."


bullet "We don't have the beds to accommodate them if we were to arrest them."


bullet "There are too many of them."


bullet "There are more of them than there are of us".


  • "We don't have the resources"


When asked directly, Peluso and Higgins would not express their personal opinions as to why our government did not do more to protect our national sovereignty.

But I came away convinced that they desperately want to do their job.

Asked how many additional agents it would take to enforce the existing laws that he is charged with upholding, Higgins replied that it would require at least five times his present strength, and that at present, he could arrest three-four hundred illegals "before lunch, everyday".

Special Agent Higgins explained that he must "get the most bang for his… [limited]… buck" and that he uses his resources to arrest the " criminal illegals," the ones who have violated additional laws after the ones that they laughed at on their way across our border.

[VDARE.COM comment: this seems to us to be a somewhat unimaginative strategy. Relatively small numbers of random arrests would dramatically disrupt the illegal alien community and radically reduce their attractiveness to employers. Would El Ranchero's owners appoint Jube Corona to a key position like manager if there was a chance that he might one day not report to work because he had been deported to Mexico?]

Neither Peluso nor Higgins seem content with this arrangement.

They are not alone in that discontent.

The Murillos and Corona have become symbols to me.

Symbols of the millions of illegal colonists sent here by Mexico who are threatening the future of our beloved Republic, and the treasonous and pandering politicians who cater to them.

Symbols of the anarchy that is destroying the American nation.

If no other illegal aliens are ever deported, these three will be. I am making it a priority in my own "search for a better life."

Your assistance in achieving this goal will be welcomed.

The Special Agent in charge of the Atlanta Regional I.C.E. office is John Chakwin. His office phone number is 770 994 4200. Fax # is 404 730 2027.

I invite VDARE.COM readers to give Special Agent Chakwin—and thereby his bosses in Washington—their opinion of his office's priorities in protecting us from invasion by Mexico.

Meanwhile, I will keep you all informed!

D.A. King [email him] is an active member of Georgians For Immigration Reduction.

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