HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM VDARE.COM—But Not From America’s Totalitarian Left, Which Continues Its War On Thanksgiving
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The Thanksgiving Season is upon us, giving us a chance to be thankful for family, friends and country. Not everyone feels that way, though. Since Thanksgiving is a great tradition of the Historic American Nation, some people use the festive season to bash America and Americans—especially white Americans.

This is from a Social Justice type who works for Lifehacker.com.

9 Lies You Were Told About the First Thanksgiving

The kid-friendly story is too low on genocide, and the hats are all wrong.

By Beth Skwarecki, LifeHacker.com, November 21, 2022

The basic idea is that the Pilgrims who settled New England were the villains, and what Thomas Jefferson called (rightly) the “merciless Indian savages whose known rule of warfare, is an undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions” were the Good Guys.

Ms. Skwarecki also thinks that the Indians were victims of “genocide.” But there are actually more Indians alive today than there were then, and at no time did white Americans attempt to exterminate the Indians.

It’s true that the Indians were victims of “genocide” in that they were Greatly Replaced, but I’m told that “Great Replacementdoesn’t count as genocide—and is in fact, a “conspiracy theory.”

Briefly, and I do want to be brief, there is a War on Thanksgiving in the same way that there is a War on Christmas. In addition, there is a phenomenon we call War on Thanksgiving Denial, same as with Christmas.

If you find it difficult to believe that there’s a War on Thanksgiving, you’re in agreement with Salon.com’s Amanda Marcotte, who wrote in 2019: Donald Trump’s new lie is a real turkey: Now liberals are waging war on Thanksgiving!  Not content with the mythical ”war on Christmas,” Trump now claims that liberals want to cancel Thanksgiving, November 27, 2019.

Salon.com, which denies the War on Thanksgiving, has also at various times published the following articles:

See what I mean?

But we say:


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