JASON KESSLER: J6 Footage Debunks Insurrection Hoax. Charlottesville Bodycam Footage Would Debunk UTR Hoax Too. Why The Wait?
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It’s not surprising that Congressional Democrats had “security concerns” about GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson’s decision to release long-withheld Capitol security footage of the January 6, 2021 Mostly Peaceful Protest: it certainly has made the always fantastic Regime Media Narrative that this was some sort of unprecedented “insurrection” (already definitively debunked in VDARE.com’s February 9 2021 video) dramatically less secure [House Republicans make January 6 footage public, over Democrats’ security concerns, by Justin Papp, Roll Call, November 17, 2023]. However, as permit holder and an organizer of the 2017 Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA, which can now be seen as a dry run for J6, I want to ask: When will the Charlottesville footage be released? Because it could have an equally decisive effect on what VDARE.com has already dubbed Charlottesville Narrative Collapse.

An example of the damage to the Regime Narrative that the release of J6 footage has done:

In many ways Charlottesville UTR 2017 was the test run for the January 6th formula, namely governments intentionally helping a protest to spin violently out of control so that communist judicial bureaucrats can entrap and crush political Dissidents.

So while we’re releasing the footage from J6, isn’t it about time to release the bodycam footage from Unite the Right in 2017?

All Charlottesville Police Department officers carry bodycams and they were wearing them on August 11-12, 2017.

But my multiple Freedom of Information Act requests submitted over a period of six years have been denied because the footage was “relevant to ongoing criminal investigations.”

However, as we have learned with the belated persecution of the August 11 torch protestors, the state of Virginia apparently has no statute of limitations on felonies. This could theoretically give them the ability to indefinitely deny public access to the UTR footage.

We can guess what this footage would likely show:

  • Officers expressing prejudice against our legally permitted demonstration;
  • Officers reporting members of the public in distress but being forbidden from protecting them by the chain of command because it was following its plan to allow violence against the demonstration as a pretext to declare an “unlawful assembly” before the event could begin;
  • Officers seeing but not preventing communist violence;
  • Officers being told not to clear the streets of communists (as opposed to patriots) after unlawful assembly was declared—with the result that James Fields found his way home blocked and panicked.
  • The “school resource officer” tasked with controlling the intersection that Field used abandoning her post and not being replaced.

Much of this is implicit in the devastating Heaphy Report [PDF], as a result of which Charlottesville’s black police chief Al Thomas, right, had to resign.

References to bodycams appear 21 times in the Heaphy Report.

Page 24 of the Heaphy Report

Why can’t we see them?

Charlottesville authorities are obviously acutely aware of the danger that electronic records pose to their Narrative. That’s why text messages were illegally deleted from the cell phones of Chief Al Thomas and City Manager Maurice Jones, although they originally denied it [City ordered to pay court costs following Kessler FOIA lawsuit, by Tyler Hammel, Daily Progress, December 1, 2020].

Another case of a political agenda: According to the Heaphy Report, the FBI was in the Unified Command Center with Police Chief Thomas and Jones when the order to “let them fight” was given.

And FBI Agent Wade Douthit, the investigating officer on several subsequent Charlottesville prosecutions, including the Fields homicide case, has exhibited clear political bias—reposting gloating articles on his social media about throwing pictures of Robert E Lee, whose statue we were rallying to defend, in the trash.

Getting the facts out there is critical for the historical record. It has value, whether it impacts the election in 2024 or the final verdict of history.

One day, “our posterity“ will be looking for those whose names should be remembered.

Jason Kessler (email him) is a journalist and civil rights activist. He was the permit holder for the 2017 Unite The Right Charlottesville rally, which was notoriously mugged by elected, uniformed, judicial, paramilitary and media DemocratsHe has had bylines in VDARE.com, Daily Caller (which has deleted his archive in a fit of cowardice), and the now-defunct GotNews as well as on his own site JasonKessler.us. Follow him on TelegramGaband Twitter. Subscribe to his news and opinion show ‘Happenings’ on Odysee and Bitchute.

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