My Black History Month Message For Blacks: Hispanics Don’t Like You. (And I’m A Part-Black Hispanic!)
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Black History Month concludes this Tuesday, February 28. Over at the LatinoNetwork website, my fellow Hispanics celebrated it like good little communists. “We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate and honor the Black peoples, cultures, and traditions from around the world,” the website said, and “especially want to highlight the intersection between the Black and Latinx communities.” That’s because “a quarter of Hispanics living in the U.S. identify as Afro-Latino” [Celebrating Black History Month 2023, January 31, 2023]. But my warning to black Americans: Contrary to what the LatinoNetwork and the rest of the Democrat Party Coalition of the Fringes tell you, Hispanics will not march together with you into America’s polyglot, minority-majority future. They will not kowtow to blacks the way cucked American whites have. You won’t see any Hispanics kneeling to kiss black feet for their role in slavery in Latin and South America. And mass immigration is making this tension worse.

Remember what Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez said about blacks to other council members back in October 2021. She delivered a memorable racial tirade that included L.A.’s Soros-backed communist district attorney, George Gascon, and a fellow councilman’s black child, inadvertently letting the gato out of the bolsa. This was leaked on October 9, 2022  [Inside the room: The entire L.A. City Council racist audio leak, annotated by our experts, Los Angeles Times, November 21, 2022].

“He’s with the blacks,” Martinez said of Gascon, who promptly replied with an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times repeatedly stating: “Yes, I’m with the blacks” [D.A. Gascón: Yes, I’m ‘with the Blacks,’ October 14, 2022]. He also wrote that he’s with the “Latinos,” being Cuban-American.

He didn’t need to say he is not with the whites, although Gascon is, like many Cubans, extremely white himself.

Martinez also complained about (white, homosexual) Councilman Mike Bonin’s black adopted son. ”He seems like a little monkey,” she opined in Spanish. She thought his misbehavior at a public event deserved a “beatdown.”

Needless to say, Martinez sparked major backlash, with even President Joe Biden calling for her resignation [President Biden calls for resignation of 3 LA City Council members amid racism scandal, Fox 11 Los Angeles, October 11, 2022].

After repeated calls to step down, Martinez did resign [Los Angeles City Councilwoman Resigns Amid Uproar Over Racist Remarks by Jill Cowan and Shawn Huber, New York Times, October 12, 2022]. Fellow council members Kevin de León and Gil Cedillo, participants in the controversial conversation, faced similar calls to resign and were even censured by colleagues.

So here we have a high-ranking Hispanic public official who felt no qualms about claiming the city’s top law enforcement official aligned with a racial group she strongly suggested was a competitor to, not an ally with, Hispanics. And then she casually called a black kid a “monkey.”

The contretemps lucidly demonstrates what blacks face in the multiracial future when whites aren’t running things. They might enjoy whacking the white piñata now. But such a fun game may not be in store.

On paper, voting for Democrats makes sense for blacks. The Democratic Party represents the Anti-America that wants whites dispossessed and replaced. This, arguably, will mean more power for blacks.

But political reality has a habit of intruding onto and dismantling assumptions. As I’ve written before, Hispanics are no friends of blacks.

That’s where mass immigration comes in. It won’t just dispossess whites. It’s also already dispossessing blacks by driving them out of jobs and neighborhoods.

That’s not news to VDARE readers. Nor really, is it news for honest blacks. Black leaders from Booker T. Washington to the heroic Barbara Jordan knew what mass immigration meant for black laborers: lower wages, and the unemployment line. That’s why they both embraced immigration restriction. Granted, as relative competency goes, blacks may be vulnerable. But that just means a mass influx of unskilled but more intelligent workers will the more easily displace them.

Anyone with a cursory understanding of labor economics knows that increasing the labor supply via increased immigration depresses wages, which is exactly what Jordan’s U.S. Commission on Immigration Reform found [Barbara Jordan Commission, NumbersUSA]. Jordan called for legal immigration to be reduced by half and said the government must crack down on unscrupulous employers who hire illegal aliens at pauper’s wages.

Years later, even the ultra-woke, pro-black website The Root acknowledged that illegal aliens harm black workers [How Illegal Immigration Hurts Black America by Cord Jefferson, The Root, February 10, 2010].

The Root reported that when Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested 300 illegal-alien workers at a processing plant in Columbia, South Carolina in 2010, the employer, House of Raeford, replaced those illegals with Americans. In just a matter of months, House of Raeford’s main production line in Raeford, North Carolina experienced a significant demographic shift. It went from 80 percent Hispanic to 70 percent black.   

In other words, slightly more than a decade ago, black media understood the danger that mass immigration, particularly illegal immigration, posed to blacks.

In a similar vein, objective Hispanic commentators such as Nicolas C. Vaca grasped the uncomfortable truth about black-Hispanic tensions [The Presumed Alliance with Author Nicolas Vaca, PBS, May 24, 2004]. He demonstrated that wherever blacks and Hispanics congregate in great numbers, sociopolitical conflicts begin. Hispanics gangs have chased blacks out of countless neighborhoods in the City of Angels. Miami, Florida’s predominantly Hispanic political class clamped down on blacks once Hispanic elected officials took power.

Thus, blacks simply won’t benefit from immigration that permits Latin American drug cartels to establish a beachhead in major American cities. The cartels will take blacks to the cleaners, as blacks already know. Hispanic street gangs—the JV team of Hispanic criminal organizations—have chased blacks out of their own neighborhoods, as even the Leftist Regime Media and communist SPLC have admitted:

One can only imagine what will happen when more sophisticated Hispanic criminal gangs move in via illegal or even legal immigration.

So by latching onto the Democrats’ Great Replacement out of anti-white hate, blacks are committing political suicide. Granted, whites are the Great Replacement’s main target and will be its first victims. But blacks will be next on the chopping block as more Hispanic immigrants assume political power and retaliate for all the years when blacks made the lives of Hispanics miserable.

It’s time for blacks to understand they have an easy life and a livable country because whites built something blacks have never or will ever replicated, fantasies about Wakanda notwithstanding.

And another point: in America, blacks have been able to preserve their ethnic and racial stock. In Latin America—for example, in my native Venezuela—blacks have been racially mixed out of existence. (Thus I’m part black myself). In the Islamic world, they are still enslaved and forcibly converted to Islam.

Hating American whites for being uniquely evil, and acting on that hate by voting for Democrats, is suicidal for blacks.

Whatever checkered past white and black Americans have had, such grievances must be put aside.

Together, the two races face foes who would destroy all of America—its history, people, and traditions—through mass migration: i.e., the dispossession and replacement of the Historic American Nation.

Blacks should strive to serve a higher purpose than anti-white politicking; namely, fighting for their own best interest, which lies in defending the Historic American Nation that whites built and that blacks have contributed to throughout the past four centuries.

A post-white America will not be the race-blind paradise that blacks dream about.

It will be a nightmare for everyone—blacks included.

Pedro de Alvarado [Email him] is a Hispanic dissident who is well aware of the realities of race from his experience living throughout Latin America and in the States.

As a native of lands conquered by brave Spaniards but later subverted by centuries of multiracial trickery and despotic governance, Pedro offers clear warnings to Americans about the perils of multiracialism.

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