The Fulford File | James Taranto, The IRS, And The Minority Occupation Government
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In The Press and the IRS | Journalistic partisanship fed the scandal, September 19, 2013, the WSJ's James Taranto provides pointers to the  Main Strem Media "dogwhistles" that may have led the IRS to target the Tea Party. A House investigative report [PDF] has this paragraph, which Taranto has a "annotated with links," describing the MSM "drumbeat" against the Tea Party groups.

Washington Post columnists accused Tea Party groups of "smolder[ing] with anger" [Colbert King] and practicing a brand of patriotism reminiscent of the Ku Klux Klan [Courtland Milloy]. Another Post columnist opined in late March 2010 that Tea Party rhetoric "is calibrated not to inform but to incite" [Eugene Robinson]. In April 2010, Reuters tied the Tea Party movement to "America's season of rage and fear."

I thought it would be useful to annotate that paragraph with pictures—aside from the Reuters guy, a European socialist left over from the Cold War, they're all black:

Eugene Robinson

Colbert King

Courtland Milloy

Taranto's point is that there doesn't have to be an actual conspiracy based in the White House—it was mid-level employees of the IRS reading this stuff who attacked the Tea Party.

Of course, they were attacking on behalf of this guy:

Barack Obama Campaigning

And here's his Attorney-General, Eric Holder, shaking his finger at The Daily Caller's Neil Munro:


While the IRS was investigating the implicitly white Tea Party, Attorney General Eric "My People" Holder and IRS officials coached the explicitly black Conference of National Black Churches on how to be politically active without losing their ministerial tax exemption. [IRS Gave Black Nonprofits Preferential Treatment, by Paul Sperry, Investor's Business Daily, September 6, 2013]

In  2008, Joe Wurzelbacher (Joe The Plumber) famously questioned then Senator Obama about socialism. This brought on a counterattack from public employees.

After the last presidential debate, during which John McCain invoked Joe the Plumber's anti-socialism shot heard 'round the world, several taxpayer-subsidized employees in Ohio immediately rifled through government databases in search of damning information. The Columbus Dispatch identified Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services, as one of the dirt-diggers. She also happens to support Barack Obama and contributed the maximum amount to his presidential campaign.
[Plundering the Plumber's Record, By Michelle Malkin, October 30, 2008]

Here's a photo of Helen Jones-Kelley, who was replaced as  director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services as a result of the scandal.former  director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

Her current successor, Cynthia Callender Dungey, is also black:

Director, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services

"Job and Family Services" is the welfare department, and I suspect its head is always black, although I suppose demographic trends may lead to her being replaced by an illegal alien.

The point here: Taranto may want to be color-blind and concentrate on the ideology of these people, but members of the Minority Occupation Government think of their race first.

I once heard a motivational speaker say

"For years, I heard people saying 'Money isn't everything.' Or 'Money isn't important,' and I had actually managed to convince myself of this. However, I discovered that my creditors had it right up there with oxygen on their list of priorities."

The Minority Occupation Government has race right up there with oxygen on their list of priorities.

It's time that nominally conservative journalists at least noticed this.

James Fulford [Email him] is a writer and editor for

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