The Shape Of Hate To Come
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Now if it's racial hatred you're looking for, I happen to have on hand about as much as you can handle.  It's not hatred of non-whites but of whites, and I didn't write it — one of my peace-loving, world-saving crackpot readers did.

I assure everyone he's not typical of my readers in general, most of whom, even when they disagree with me, are ladies and gentlemen (or at least not insane).

Nor is he really typical of much else, except a certain kind of mentality that is largely the creature of the media and the educational system - a mentality that will become more and more common and powerful as mass immigration displaces the historic population of this country.

If only for that reason, his mentality is worth knowing and thinking about for a moment, because it may very well be on the way to becoming the predominant mentality in what used to be the Western world.

Writing me by e-mail in response to a recent column of mine about the growing antagonism between native American blacks and immigrant Hispanics, my fan informs me that what I wrote was, in a word, mere pish-posh and proceeds to inform me of what's really important.

"The world knows who the REAL ENEMY is," he screams through the Internet. "The Chinese know (Opium war, Boxer Rebellion), The Hawaiians know, The Native Americans know (Stole both their countries), The Japanese know (the TWO atomic bombs), The Blacks know (Slavery, Colonialism), The Eastern Indians know (more colonialism), All South Americans know, The Arabs know, The ORIGINAL Australians know, The ORIGINAL Canadians know, The Vietnamese know, The Jews know, Hell the Animal world and the Earth itself knows, Everything and Everyone knows who the real devil is."

By now, unless you're fairly thick, you've probably guessed that the "real enemy" is the white race, which has apparently done absolutely nothing throughout its history but slaughter, enslave, rape and loot virtually every other race with which it ever came into the slightest and briefest contact.

It makes you wonder why it was that the white guys always won and no one else was ever able to stop them.

My reader has perhaps never heard of Genghis Khan, whose Mongol hordes came pretty close to exterminating Europeans in the 13th century and failed to do so only because Genghis dropped dead just in time (or too soon, my reader might say). But then my reader has probably never heard of a lot of things that whites created that most whites and non-whites alike seem to approve. I won't try to list them. Read the Encyclopedia Britannica (preferably an older edition) if you want to know more.

But my reader was only warming up to deeper insights; I apologize for interrupting him.

"Some people of color may not like others from a different ethnic background, on small proportions," he tells us, "But still through it all, We ALL KNOW who the TRUE CANCER upon the EARTH is. The most destructive, evil, and bloodiest race of all time has always been, is, and forever will be until stopped is. Study, EVERYWHERE that the Whiteman has gone, he has caused SOME kind of destruction. Cancer acts in a VERY similar way. It destroys one part of the body and moves on to another until the whole damn thing is dead."

"Everyone is familiar with the Whiteman's tricknowledge. Your [sic] all out of tricks and now you resort still to the old divide and conquer. Set 'em at each other's throat and let 'em kill each other, while we sit back, and have orgasms from witnessing all the blood flow. The whiteman is a demonic vampire whom [sic] survives off blood, war, and violence."

"As long as your twisted minds keep thinking of ways to destroy in such massive ways you will be TEMPORARILY safe. But one day, just one day.... and the world and people of color will rejoice and celebrate over the devils's death day. FINALLY DEATH and Evil Oppression IS GONE is what the WORLD will chant."

I am not trying to claim that my reader is typical of non-whites. On the other hand, he's not exactly unique either, and those who dismiss his insightful reflections as the irrelevant squeakings of a few misplaced mental cogs would be ill-advised.

The clichés and blunders he regurgitates are precisely what he has been taught in the anti-white multiculturalist curricula of American schools, and the mass extermination of whites over which he is licking his chops is precisely what their teaching encourages. 

When, within less than 50 years, whites become a minority in this country because of mass immigration, what my reader so passionately wants to happen — "one day, just one day" — will at last begin to be possible.


[Sam Francis [email him] is a nationally syndicated columnist. A selection of his columns, America Extinguished: Mass Immigration And The Disintegration Of American Culture, is now available from Americans For Immigration Control.]

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