VDARE.com Initiative #3: Protecting The Assets We Already Have
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On May 31, 2021, in VDARE.com Is Building A Fortress—Visible And Invisible, I introduced the five initiatives critical to the survival of immigration patriotism as a movement, and VDARE.com specifically. Each week in June, I’ll be focusing on one initiative. Below I tackle Initiative #3: Expand various forms of legal, electronic, and physical protection for VDARE assets.

VDARE.com is a non-profit. We publish information to educate the public on the negative effects of mass immigration, and to serve as the voice of the Historic American Nation.

This work is not easy, and it is not cheap. Please consider becoming a donor today to fuel this work.

We need your support more than ever, to fuel our America First journalism. But how are we protecting the assets we already have?

This is a tricky initiative to describe in detail because, almost by definition, much of our security must be kept confidential to remain at all effective. Luckily, a public example of Initiative 3 at work materialized shortly after we announced the purchase of Berkeley Castle: the hate-filled, Woke Left, agitated by our win, looked into how we bought the place. The thinking was, if they could find the bank that gave us the mortgage then they can heckle the bank into pulling our loan.

These people are mean, and their tactics are dirty – but we at VDARE.com remain uncowed. We work tirelessly to anticipate their next attacks and to identify our own vulnerabilities. In this case, we did it successfully.

Q: How did Initiative #3 help us avoid the mortgage-pulling crisis?

A: We paid in cash. There’s no mortgage to pull.

I would have loved to keep VDARE Foundation more liquid with a loan, but after much discussion with our board and advisors, we decided it was too risky. Obviously, we were right, and now we are well on our way to hosting safe and secure live events at the beautiful, inspiring Berkeley Castle.

But the castle is not VDARE.com's only asset that is in need of protection:

  • We have bank accounts.

  • We have technologies.

  • We have our wonderful, brilliant and bold writers.

  • And our brave employees!

Each of these assets require special care and protection—ranging from preemptive legal compartmentalization, to moving to open-source software, to investing in professional security upgrades.

As I said in my initial piece:

...the hate-filled Woke Left think the only thing better than blocking us from receiving online donations is the actual seizure of our monies and property—and the only thing better than silencing us online is depriving us of our rights in real life.

For almost 20 years, VDARE was a scrappy, low-overhead mission-driven band of brothers, determined to fight to the death to Keep America American. Things changed two years ago when we decided to break out of the tiny box our enemies had constructed for us, and we started to think and act big.

We have clawed our resources out of an unwelcoming system, out of a hostile political environment.

Every part of the strength we have has come from your donations and your support!

What VDARE.com has managed to acquire, we are determined to keep because it's a representation of what you have given to us out of bravery and appreciation, and because it is what powers us forward on our mission of patriotic immigration reform.

Together, we will Build a Fortress – Visible and Invisible.

VDARE.com will survive. VDARE.com will thrive, and VDARE.com will be victorious!

With it, so will the Patriotic Immigration Reform movement.

And so will the Historic American Nation!

If you haven't donated to our efforts today, I really encourage you to do so [here!].

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