VIDEO: “Stupidity, Mendacity, Flagrant Ethnocentrism”—On The Foes Of Immigration Patriotism After Thirty Years
Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Our Video Editor Noah Arnold just organized the retrieval of this amazing shoal of  MSM interviews and debates I did in the wake of my 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About Immigration Disaster. The reaction to Alien Nation was pretty hysterical, as I chronicled here, but at least there was a reaction—it was during the post-Soviet 1990s interglacial when the communists were in disarray and Dissident books like The Bell Curve and Paved With Good Intentions could be published and discussed. In’s case, this ended when the SPLC Treason Group proclaimed us a “Hate Group” in 2004, after which all MSM invitations mysteriously ceased. The cause of patriotic immigration reform was similarly suppressed, as I chronicled here.

Now, quietly, the GOP/GAP has quietly become an immigration patriot party (and even its leaders seem almost to be getting the message). As Hunter Wallace recently wrote on Occidental Dissent:

Consider Peter Brimelow and VDARE. In what sense is VDARE an extremist website in 2023? Nearly all Republicans want to curtail Third World immigration and at least 70% are explicitly opposed to the Great Replacement. The so-called normal or mainstream Republicans have been reduced to a rump 15% of the party. My paleoconish views on immigration, trade and foreign policy haven’t changed in twenty years. It is people like Charlie Kirk who have radically changed over the past six or seven years.

Tabletmag: The Rise of the Alt-Right, August 11, 2023

Looking at these videos now, the only thing that seems to have changed is the color of my hair. The immigration patriot arguments are just as unanswerable as ever, and the various opponents in fact have failed to answer them. They prevailed, to the extent that they did, through raw institutional power. Much more than at the time, I find my reaction now is uncontrollable contempt for their stupidity, mendacity, and flagrant ethnocentrism. I echo Tom Piatak’s adaptation of Kingsley Amis on the occasion of Patrick J. Buchanan’s 70th birthday: He Told You So, You F****ing Fools!”

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