Will Confederate Flag Ambush GOP In South Carolina?
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No telling if Fox News will even ask about the Confederate flag in tonight's GOP presidential candidates debate in South Carolina. (Yes, Ron Paul will be there). And if they do, they're likely to ask the wrong thing: what do the candidates think of the Confederate flag that now flies, an awkward compromise, out in front of the South Carolina State House?

The correct question would ignore that relatively minor state policy issue. It would be: what do the candidates think of the Confederate flag in general? The red hot angry railing against the Confederate flag is the most symptomatic issue in cultural Marxism's campaign to abolish America. To the commissars of political correctness, the Confederate flag has become the most reviled symbol in the country.

The Confederate flag issue is still very much alive in South Carolina. It's the issue that lingers beneath the surface of everything political in South Carolina. Eight years ago, it's what the South Carolina primary was all about. McCain flip-flopped and Bush fooled us. [See Enemies, Not Friends, Of Confederate Flag Want War, by Sam Francis, May 5, 2000]

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