A Bowie High School Grad Comments On Racial Double Standards
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July 31, 2003

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From: Bowie High School Grad [email him]:

As a young, white male not too far removed from a Washington, D.C. area public high school, I can personally relate to Sam Francis's lament on the double standards surrounding racially exclusive groups. 

At my former alma mater, we had two such groups that showed the true hypocrisy of race relations in America: Young Brothers in Action and Young Enterprising Sisters.  Both of these after-school "clubs" excluded whites from participation.  In fact, the symbol of Young Brothers in Action included a muscular black man, clenched fist held high, protruding from the African continent. 

When I pressed the administration as to why blacks were able to form racially exclusive clubs, I was told that it was necessary for blacks to "feel part of the campus community."  I found this quite odd, being that at my high school blacks comprised upwards of 40 to 45 percent of the student body.  When I explained this to my principal, he angrily told me that I would never succeed in life with this kind of racist attitude. 

I was also told by the administration in so many words that it was OK for blacks to wear racially-aware memorabilia, while any white student who displayed the Confederate Flag was immediately reprimanded.  Shirts celebrating Africa and Malcolm X were commonplace throughout the hallowed halls of Bowie High School.  But any attempt by a white student to celebrate his or her heritage resulted in immediate backlash from the administration - as well as threats from black students.  

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