A Reader Asks If Viceroy Rove Has A "Jack Mormon" Heritage
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May 07, 2003

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Steve Sailer's wonderful solution to the problem of Karl Rove - a man who is doing more harm to our country than any ten Saddam Husseins – is that he should be appointed Viceroy of Iraq, something for which his experience tyrannizing the GOP has prepared him well. This recalls Hillaire Belloc's poem on the ending of another political career:

"We had intended you to be
The next Prime Minister but three:
The stocks were sold; the Press was squared:
The Middle Class was quite prepared.
But as it is! . . . My language fails!
Go out and govern New South Wales!"

But Sailer's report that

"Apolitical, nonreligious Scandinavian parents raised Rove in Utah."

raises a fascinating possibility.

Utah, (and indeed the Rocky Mountain States generally) would have been an unusual destination for Scandinavian immigrants. They more usually headed for the lumbering, dairying, or maritime areas. There was one notable exception: Mormon converts.

The Mormon Church actively recruited in Scandinavia in the 19th Century, when converts were expected to immigrate to Utah.  In fact, it turns out that the first Mormon convert from Scandinavia was named Rove. Could it be that Karl Rove comes from a family of lapsed or "Jack" Mormons?

This is interesting because it could explain Rove's commitment to a pro-immigration line so obviously catastrophic for the future of America, and particularly for the Republican Party, that even the ingenious Steve Sailer has difficulty identifying a rationale that can withstand a few moments' thought.

Jack Mormons, growing up in areas dominated by practicing members of this very demanding and judgmental faith, could very likely develop a secret animosity towards and resentment of the majority culture - and, perhaps, a desire to subvert it.

As Professor Kevin MacDonald has demonstrated, this is what seems to lie at the root of the support for immigration so unwaveringly offered by the Jewish community - even against their own apparent best interests.

Could this be the key to the similar Rovean enthusiasm?

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