A Reader Points That Immigrant Mass Murder Is Underreported, Especially (For PC Reasons) Jamaican Murders
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From: An Anonymous Researcher [Email Him]

Immigrant Mass Murder happens much more often than anyone realizes.

In Rochester, New York right now Marlando Allen and Andre McFarlane are being prosecuted, along with several other co-conspirators, for the drug related executions of three people in a Rochester apartment in February of this 2014. The victims included two young women. Allen and McFarlane are illegal aliens from Jamaica.

This follows on the heels of the recent Rochester area trial and conviction of Richard Anderson, Aston Johnson, and Andrew Wright three for a grisly "execution style" triple murder in Greece, New York in 2010. Anderson, Johnson, and Wright were also Jamaicans living here illegally. Rochester police link gun to triple homicide, ByVictoria E. Freile,, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle March 4, 2014

My guess is that very few people outside of Western New York ever heard of these crimes. Two extremely violent triple murders were committed in a small city within a few years of each other by illegal immigrants from the same country while receiving exactly zero national media attention. The fact that events like these are not widely reported means that Americans have been kept in the dark about the consequences of our immigration policies.

When you import a country's people you import that country's culture. In the case of Jamaica, that means a culture of violent criminality. [Trio found guilty in Greece triple homicide, by Gary Craig, Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, December 5, 2013 ] Why would we ever think about letting people like this into our country?

See this writer’s earlier letter A Reader Reports On The Immigrant Death Toll From Jamaican Gangsters Alone.


(Jamaican Immigrants Pictured Above: Allen – bottom row, left; McFarlane – bottom row, center)


(Jamaican Immigrants  Pictured Above: Left to right – Anderson, Wright, Johnson)

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