A Reader Wonders About MEXICAN Hacking In Recent Elections
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Re: Allan Wall's October 24 article Hillary Clinton Attacks Imagined Russian Meddling In US Elections But Is Fine With Mexican Support (On Her Behalf)

From: David [Email him]

There's a lot of hysteria about Russia's "interference" in the recent election, and Mitch McConnell seems to be willing to consent to hearing to investigate it. [Mitch McConnell backs Russia election hack inquiry, but scope remains vague, Guardian, December 12, 2016]So, I presume the investigation into Mexican government meddling in our presidential election has already been completed?  Will Mitch McConnell agree to one?
James Fulford writes: Mexican meddling in American politics is an old story, and unlike Russia, Mexico has tens of millions of its citizens, legal and illegal, resident in the United States, many of them registered to vote.
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