A Wells Fargo Executive Calls His Employer "Diversity-Crazed"
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Every day Wells Fargo, a prominent corporate member of the Treason Lobby, subjects its employees ("team members") to endless stories in the company news focusing on how the bank is celebrating multiculturalism, diversity and Third World immigration.

The latest is the recent visit by Mexico's President Vicente Fox to Utah where diversity-crazed executives rushed to pay homage to their hero.

It's frustrating that this anti-American and anti-White agenda by an erstwhile American corporation continues to go unpunished.

Below you can read the Wells Fargo internal memorandum dated July 5, 2006 and titled "Presidential Visit."

At bottom I've included the email addresses and  phone numbers of the two Wells Fargo executives named in the story.

"Presidential visit"

Welcoming Mexican President Vicente Fox on his first-ever visit to Utah allowed Salt Lake City team members the opportunity to demonstrate a commitment to the local Latino community and hear about important issues facing citizens in his country as well as those moving to the United States.

At the Multicultural Center in West Valley City, President Fox addressed dozens of Wells Fargo team members and nearly 800 Mexican-Americans.

He spoke about the importance of hard work, personal dignity and the need for legal, safe and orderly migration at this Wells Fargo-sponsored event.

About 50 Latino leaders, including Silvia Norman, Latino Banking Manager for Utah, and Larry Lew, Community Banking president for the Salt Lake/Park City division, attended a breakfast event at Rico's Market in Salt Lake City.

Leaders told Fox about their concerns about the social and economic issues facing Latinos in their community. Fox, in turn, explained his stance on human rights for immigrants.

Salt Lake City was President Fox's first stop during a four-day trip to the U.S. His visit was intended to encourage greater cooperation between the U.S. and Mexico in trade, energy and security issues.

Fox pointed out another goal is to improve the quality of life for people in both countries.

"It was exciting to meet President Fox and to hear him address the Latino community in Utah, which included many of our team members and customers," Norman said.

"Wells Fargo's active involvement in President Fox's visit demonstrated our solid commitment to diversity and serving the financial needs of everyone in our community."

Silvia.A.Norman@wellsfargo.com 1-801-246-2737

LewL@wellsfargo.com 1-801-246-2698

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