An American Reader Deplores Paul Gigot's Immigrant Bashing
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("Business, labor, Catholic bishops and even the media all like the idea." Paul Gigot, writing on amnesty in the Wall Street Journal)

From:  Howard Sutherland

You must have seen Gigot's WSJ hit job this morning on Peter Brimelow, right to the headline ("Alien Notion," Paul Gigot, Wall Street Journal, August 17, 2001), and, no doubt, on John O'Sullivan and John Derbyshire as well. There is so much wrong with that piece that one doesn't know where to begin (although I am going to try in a letter to the editor that probably will never see the light of day).

For someone so besotted with immigrants, he certainly doesn't like you much; you don't even rate the honorific "immigrant," you lowly "transplants." It seems you are to "real" immigrants as Clarence Thomas and Walter Williams are to "real" blacks. I had no idea that, working from this side of the pond, you had contrived to "turn the Tories into a minority." How did you manage it? I should have thought Major, et al., were quite capable of wrecking the party on their own. As for Grover Norquist, I would suggest a year of assimilating for him, in South Central L.A. 

It is indicative of what is (or isn't?) going on in Gigot's brain that he thinks 60% of the white male vote is a good show for a Republican. Given the Democrats' systematic bigotry against white men, I cannot see why any white American male (except for homosexuals and some interest groups) would vote for them. The GOP should get about 80% of the white male vote. Gigot has obviously not read Sailer on the subject. If this column is indicative, he'll be even worse on the national question than Bartley.

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August 17, 2001

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