Watching the Watchdogs' Richard Keefe Reports On The Hidden Whiteness Of The $PLC Staff
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The missing faces of the SPLC’s extremely white Senior Program Staff.

From: Richard Keefe [Email him]

A recent review of the Senior Program Staff page on the Southern Poverty Law Center's web site turned up an interesting statistic.

More than half of the 24 names listed on the page were not accompanied by photos, as the rest were, which seemed a bit odd. A few minutes of Googling revealed the truth: nearly all of the Senior Program Staff at the SPLC are white, about 88% of the team. Not exactly the kind of the diversity promoted in SPLC fundraising materials.

Even the most die-hard donors would have a hard time with that many white faces on the page and so they were simply left off.

Watching the Watchdogs has compiled a gallery of the missing faces here: The Many (White) Faces of the SPLC, January 24, 2015.

See earlier letters from Richard Keefe.

 James Fulford writes: For a left-wing Social Justice Warrior organization, the SPLC (which we insist on calling the $PLC) is unusually white. For a business headquartered in Montgomery, Alabama, they are ridiculously white—the city is fifty-six percent black, and only 37 percent white, as the EEOC points out to real businesses 

However, if you think of them as a hedge fund, whose portfolio Patrick Cleburne  has described as looking like  "it could belong to a retired Goldman Sachs Partner, or possibly a very aggressive Family Office managing the fortune of an ultra-rich clan" it's not surprising that they don't include many members of minority groups.


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