According To Leftists, America Is Too Racist For Non-White Immigration
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To hear professional liberals talk, the United States is a horrible racist place with no redeeming qualities. Seriously, it’s a wonder that anyone would want to relocate here, much less many millions of people around the world.

In fact, a 2018 Gallup poll found that more than 750 million people worldwide want to leave their home nations to relocate elsewhere. Unsurprisingly, the United States was the top choice, with 158 million picking the US.

A report at the time from Tucker Carlson noted a Pew survey that found residents of the receiving nations were not positive toward increasing immigration at all: as Breitbart News accurately headlined Pew: No Majority of Citizens in the World Support Increasing Immigration.

So American citizens who want immigration controlled—not massively increased with open borders as Biden is planning—are normal human beings who want law, order and cultural continuity.

On Monday, Tucker Carlson took up the idea of American racism with Heather Mac Donald who recently published a thoughtful article in Newsweek titled If ‘Systemic Racism’ Is Real, Why Does Biden Want To Bring Immigrants Here?.

TUCKER CARLSON: Institutional racism in America — you hear that a lot. Anyone who asks questions about it gets in trouble — people have been fired for asking, hey what is that? The question is — is it real? By the way will they define it, for once no.

But if institutional systemic racism is what Joe Biden says it is, why is he acting as he is? If this country, if America is so bigoted that people of color can’t live here, if it’s institutionally racist — then why is Joe Biden suspending immigration law to allow as many people from non-white countries as possible to move here? Wouldn’t that be dangerous for them?

Heather MacDonald is at the Manhattan Institute. She wrote an op-ed about this in Newsweek and she joins us tonight. Heather, thanks so much for coming on. This is an inherent contradiction at the center of their argument, and I’m interested in hearing someone explain it, and I know you can.

HEATHER MACDONALD: It’s hilarious, Tucker. I mean this is one of the most profound contradictions within the heart of the left-wing world view. On the one hand — as Biden said during the campaign as he said in his inauguration speech as he said since, then America is lethally racist. On the other hand we should break down every single reasonable commonsensical immigration control in order to bring in legally and illegally as many third-world immigrants of color as possible.

Both positions cannot be true. if Biden believes that that black children are at risk of getting shot every time they step outside, we should not be bringing more black children into this country. This is an opportunity for Republicans, Tucker, to call them out on this.

Both positions together are disastrous when combined as a policy matter. Every time Biden comes to Congress and wants to add an amnesty, wants to dismantle deportation, do catch and release — ask them to justify why they are doing this when in their view America is so systemically racist.

CARLSON: No it’s such a great point. Their relentless incessant race talk is really hurting the country. It’s based in lies, it makes people hate each other. I wonder if they know that — I mean, what is the endgame here? And I said it’s an open question, but quickly I mean, how do you think they think this ends up in the end?

MACDONALD: They want to completely change the character of this country, the foundation of it, the norms, the traditions and the demographics of it. To be very honest, it is based in hatred towards a civilization deemed too white and too male, and they’re going to do everything they can — whether it’s spewing the poison of identity politics, teaching Americans to hate each other, to hate their past or flooding it with low-skilled mass low-skilled immigration that increases the wealth gap that hurts American blacks and Hispanics.

And in an environment where you’ve got this ideology of racial hatred, we are making assimilation impossible. In my experience, many immigrants are picking up the narrative about white supremacy, they feel entitled, they they hate the country to be honest. I’ve spent a lot of time here in California talking to people in Santa Ana — police officers will tell you they insist, they expect to be spoken to in their native language.

This is not the way to assimilate immigrants, and it’s not the way to keep a country going to spread this hatred and tell lies about its fundamental character.

CARLSON: No, it’s definitely making people hate each other and that’s bad, it’s bad — it will not end well. I appreciate your coming on tonight, Heather MacDonald. Thank you.

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