An SPLC Operative Has Questions About The China Virus And The “Anti-Immigrant Movement”; Peter Brimelow Replies
Print Friendly and PDF editor Peter Brimelow got this letter from an SPLC operative:

From: Eddie Bejarano <>
Sent: Monday, April 13, 2020 9:16 AM
To: Peter Brimelow <>
Subject: Request for Comment: SPLC's Hatewatch

Dear Mr. Brimelow,

I hope this email finds you well during these difficult times. My name is Eddie Bejarano and I am a Research Analyst with the Southern Poverty Law Center. I wanted to know if VDARE would like to comment on an upcoming story I am writing which discusses the anti-immigrant movement’s politicization of the COVID-19 pandemic to push for nativist immigration policies, as well as historical examples of this occurring, such as with Ebola and Swine Flu.

Thank you very much and I hope you have a wonderful week.


Eddie Bejarano

Peter Brimelow replied:

Dear Mr. Bejarano:

I also hope that you’re well. It’s easier for us because we don’t live in an immigration-impacted area.

However, I am sorry to tell you that I am unaware of an “anti-immigrant movement.” I myself am an immigrant, albeit from Britain, not at all what your employers have in mind.

While the obvious prophylactic and economic answer to the pandemic and the resulting unemployment is an immigration moratorium, as Ed Rubenstein  discusses here you will be relieved to hear that I see no sign that this truth has penetrated the GOP/ Dem Cheap Labor/ Cheap Votes Uniparty.

I did predict in my 1995 book ALIEN NATION that “disease incubated in the teeming human petri dishes that Third World cities now comprise may be the chance factor that finally crystallizes immigration as a political issue in the United States.”

But the Uniparty was able to suppress public resistance to immigration in the wake of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and may very well be able to do it in the face of this pandemic, with help from your richly-rewarded employers and yourself (on past form, not as richly-rewarded).

You are obviously aware that post-1965 immigration has indeed brought repeated albeit unpublicized waves of disease to the U.S., as we have documented here.

In the case of the China Virus, the refusal to report the facts about the racial incidence of the disease means, as we have repeatedly said, “that our race-denying Ruling Class is frightening most people too much—and not warning some people enough. This will not merely cause unnecessary chaos—it will cost lives.”

Ironically, the Ruling Class has just tacitly confirmed our view by abruptly reversing itself and claiming that data should be released because it shows that blacks are disproportionally impacted.

This is all in our Race and Coronavirus coverage here .

Stay well.

Best, Peter Brimelow readers should check out the archive of articles, going back to 2001, on immigrants and disease and our more recent archive of Coronovirus and Race.

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