Another "Leaded Law" Black Mass Shooting In Seattle: 1 Dead, 7 Wounded, 3 Suspects
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Earlier: The “Leaded Law” And Mass Shootings—Poor Black Marksmanship Is Saving Lives

KOMO News in Seattle has a report that says

Authorities have arrested one suspect and are searching for two others after Wednesday's shootout in downtown Seattle that left one woman dead and injured seven other victims amid a trail of blood and bullets, Seattle police say.

Both of the suspects still at large are 24 years old and have lengthy criminal records. They are considered armed and dangerous.

These are the two suspects:

Note that the written description doesn't say they're black. If you're on Twitter and see their pictures, you know they're black, but if you heard that description read over the'd probably assume they were black, because you're a reader.

The general public is often fooled, though.

One at-large suspect, identified as Marquise Tolbert, has 21 arrests, three felony convictions and 12 gross misdemeanor convictions, according to public records.

The second at-large suspect, identified as William Tolliver, has 44 arrests, one felony conviction and 18 gross misdemeanor convictions, records show.

The suspect under arrest was injured during the shootout and was initially taken to Harborview Medical Center for treatment. He is now booked into the King County Jail. No other information was immediately available about him.

A woman about 50 years of age was killed in the shooting shortly after 5 p.m. Wednesday near the McDonald's at 3rd Avenue and Pine Street, said Seattle Fire Chief Harold Scoggins. Seven others were hurt, including a 9-year-old boy. It was the second shooting in the heart of downtown Seattle's retail center in about 24 hours.

Here's a Google Street View of that McDonald's during the day:

What we call the "Leaded Law," proposed by a blogger called Ben Kurtz, is that if you hear that a mass shooting has a large number of wounded, and a small number of killed, then the shooters were probably black, because blacks can't shoot very well.

Kurtz put it this way:

So here’s a handy rule of thumb when you hear about the next mass shooting and find the press being coy about who did it and why: If the shooters exhibit bad aim (substantially worse than 1 killed for every 3 wounded) then they are Black gangsters settling a score.

That seems to be what happened here.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best ["First black female" police chief of 7% black Seattle] said Thursday that a dispute between the three suspects erupted in gunfire.

"This was not a random incident," she said, adding that officers arrived on the scene shortly after they received reports of gunfire. She said the victims were found along a one-and-a-half-block area.

This is not good marksmanship. The shooters were not trying to shoot the woman who died, the 9-year-old wounded, or most of the other wounded. They were, according to Chief Best, trying to shoot each other... and two of them walked away.

I suggested a number of possible reasons for this bad marksmanship in my first "Leaded Law" article (read the whole thing) but I want to add one more clue, when the MSM is being "coy" about race.

If there are two or more suspects, they're more likely to be black gangsters. In a recent post about the per capita black/white murder offender ratio, Steve Sailer said that

Finally, counting “murder offenders” rather than their victims might drive up the black percentage because, if my suspicion is correct, on average murders committed by blacks tend to have slightly more murder offenders involved than murders committed by whites. Generally, white murderers tend to act alone. They generally don’t have some friends who might think that helping them commit murder is a good idea.

 The Club Blu shootings in Fort Myers were committed (allegedly) these guys below. 

Three shooters only actually killed two people, while wounding 18 [Trauma surgeon recounts night of Club Blu shooting, by Delia D'Ambra, NBC-2, July 28, 2016].

White and Asian mass shooters do not live in a world where they have buddies who want to help them shoot people.

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