Are Illegals Being Registered To Vote? Yes, Because The Biden Administration Is Pushing It.
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See earlier by Michelle Malkin: Illegals—Out Of The Shadows... And Into The Voting Booth?

Are illegal aliens voting? Shaddup you racist!!!

This Rumble video shows NGO workers with Obamacare logos on their hats and shirts registering illegal aliens for Obamacare.

The reporter, Hernando Arce, says that this will give the aliens a form of ID in order to vote. Going along with that, from an article in Revolver, a transcript of this video of Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen being interviewed:

And, it’s because of the National Voter Registration Act that was passed back in 1993. And, uh, you know, the state agency’s hands are tied because they’re following, uh, federal law, but it goes right along with Biden’s executive order that he, uh, that he signed back in 2021 that really weaponizes and mobilizes the entire federal government apparatus to be voter registration agencies. And so, uh, we’re just, uh, shocked at at [sic] what we found and, you know, we wanted to alert and expose this and to make sure that, uh, the public knows about it.
Watch: Alabama Secretary of State says he’s got PROOF illegals have been registered to vote…, June 15, 2024


So, yes, it looks like illegal aliens will be registered to vote.

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