Big Debate Tonight! Is Tancredo Flying The Flag For Reform?
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New Hampshire is the locale for the big to-do this evening and that should surprise nobody! NH is the state with the earliest Presidential Primary election so naturally every candidate wants to win it and win it BIG!!

Ten candidates (at last count) will vie for our approval by spewing their opinions (they might even call them campaign pledges but that term implies some sort of follow through which as we all know rarely comes to fruition) on taxes, the war, health care and how rotten they all find the Bush administration.

In short boring, boring, boring...unless of course someone dares to shake things up a bit and address the real problem facing our nation: ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION!!

Reading through the pre-debate press, Congressman Tom Tancredo (R-CO) seems intent on pressing the issue. In statements made yesterday and earlier today, Tancredo—easily the most steadfast supporter of immigration reform out there—is already challenging his yellow-bellied opponents on the issue.

Specifically, he wants them to address the current Senate bill which on a good day is an unmitigated disaster...on a bad day, it's more like the blueprint for the end of the world!

In fact, Tancredo has made the most hopeful statement I have heard from any candidate so far:

"I am going to use my presidential campaign as a vehicle to rally the millions of law-abiding Americans who oppose the Kennedy-McCain-Bush sellout of America." FOX News 6/05/07

Yee-haw! The Congressman definitely gets it! This election is not necessarily about winning the White House—it's about sending a messing, spreading a message and making a difference.

The future is uncertain for Tancredo in '08 (as it is for all candidates) but if he gets people talking about that disgusting amnesty deal floating around Congress, if he convinces people to hold our politicians accountable for selling out America than he may turn out to be better than the President of the United States...

He may be our savior!

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