Black Cop Who "Thought He Had" His Training Gun vs. White Female Cop Who Thought She Was Using A Taser On Her Attacker
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Earlier: Officer Kim Potter Found Guilty…of Policing While White

This is Jesse Porter, a 58-year-old black ex-cop who was doing baton training for DC library officers, was joking around with a loaded gun, and killed a black woman:

Weapons training is serious business, and before a training gun is used in a scenario, protocol is for both participants to check it to see that it’s safe:

The victim, Special Police Officer Maurica Manya, of the District of Columbia Public Library Office of Public Safety, is pictured below:

Porter was charged with involuntary manslaughter, which usually means ”the result of a reckless, negligent, or criminal (misdemeanor) action that leads to the death of the victim.”

Compare reactions to this with what happened when Officer Kim Potter, under attack by career criminal Daunte Wright, tried to tase him, and pulled out her actual gun instead of her Taser.

Ann Coulter said

As for the trial of Kim Potter, the officer who shot Wright, neither the prosecution nor defense disputes that it was a mistake, that she thought she was holding her Taser. Several officers, and the defense’s use-of-force expert, testified that Potter would have been fully justified in shooting Wright in order to protect the other officer from being dragged by the car.

For more, see here:

Potter was found guilty of manslaughter (or ”policing while white”) and sentenced to two years in jail.

I don’t know if Justin Porter will go to jail for this, but I do know that there were riots in support of the late Daunte Wright, because he was killed, by mistake, by a white woman.

I don’t think there will be any riots on behalf of Officer Maurica Manya, in spite of her being black herself, because her killer was black.

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