Black Homicide Deaths Went Up 53% During George Floyd Era
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  Jun-Dec 2018 Jun-Dec 2019 Avg Jun-Dec 2018-19 Jun-Dec 2020 Chg 2020 vs 2018-19
Black 5,745 6,178 5,962 9,115 53%
White 3,228 3,071 3,150 3,800 21%
Hispanic 1,810 1,939 1,875 2,613 39%
Am Indian 174 196 185 239 29%
Asian 214 228 221 224 1%
Total 11,171 11,612 11,392 15,991 40%

The much lauded Racial Reckoning began with George Floyd’s death on May 25, 2020. Unlike virtually every other pundit, I was adamant from the beginning that the return of the Black Lives Matter movement would get more blacks shot by blacks. So, I’m taking various victory laps trying to find the best way to get across what actually happened.

The CDC’s newly released counts of homicide victims by race by month confirm my foresight. If you treat the last seventh months of 2020, June-December, as the George Floyd Era and compare it to the number of homicides for the same seven months in the average of 2018 and 2019, then you see that black homicide deaths were up 53% during the George Floyd Era.

Hispanics died in large numbers too, up 39%, followed by American Indians (+29%), and whites (+21%).

Interestingly, despite all the blanket coverage of hate crimes against Asians, the total number of Asian homicide victims was only one percent higher over the last seven months of 2020, during the pandemic, than the average of the two previous years.

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