Briton Anna Campbell Killed Fighting With Kurds—If She'd Been Fighting Grooming Gangs At Home, She'd Have Been Called A Racist
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Yet another woman has been killed in a foreign land fighting for a lefty cause.

Anna Campbell, a British woman who dyed her blonde hair black, was killed fighting alongside Kurdish forces battling Turkish forces in Syria: Briton Anna Campbell killed fighting with Kurdish YPJ unit, By Emma Vardy BBC News.

She's described as a trained plumber and feminist who wanted to fight for equality.

We see versions of her on an infrequent but regular basis. I'm reminded of Amy Biehl, the blonde Californian who wanted to help black South Africans and ended up being killed by them.

It's not clear to me how fighting in a battle between one chauvinist Middle Eastern tribal society and one slightly-less chauvinist Middle Eastern tribal society advances the cause of feminism, but the all-female Kurdish units have an undeniably glamorous appeal on the left.

Some think that's being used to exploit idealistic young people like Anna Campbell.[Western fascination with 'badass' Kurdish women, by Dilar Dirik, al Jazeera, October 29, 2014]

Bigger question is, how did Anna Campbell feel about the sexual abuse of white women in her own country by Middle Easterners? Or the general displacement of whites in the United Kingdom?

We needn't think too long on it.

It's so easy for young whites to jet off to exotic far-off lands and get killed in a cause you imagine Che Guevara would approve. It's much, much harder to simply stand up for your own people, in your own country.

And maybe it is in fact easier to die by shelling than have everyone call you a racist.

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