CBP One—The Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty App
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The Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty has successfully maneuvered past the end of Title 42 with the expansion of Parole Amnesty using the CBP One app to release into the United States all the invaders who previously entered without inspection with parole.

The Biden Regime has been touting declining numbers of illegal entrants, though the numbers of illegal aliens crossing the border have not been updated in the last week or so.

In any event, all the illegal entrants now are either being released into the United States for a hearing before the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR), the immigration court system, or the illegal aliens are instructed to withdraw their asylum claim, then returned to Mexico, but told they will be released into the United States through CBP One.

Despite the claim by unindicted visa fraudster Alejandro Mayorkas, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary, that illegal aliens will be swiftly deported, the truth is that there is no swift deportation of fraudulent asylum claims. All those claimants are either being released into the failed EOIR system or paroled into the United States after a few minutes return to Mexico.

The administration is pursuing a two-track method. Immigrants caught illegally crossing the border all claim asylum. But officials are attempting to persuade them to “voluntarily withdraw” these claims and be returned to Mexico with no black mark on their record and then encouraged to come back under a separate humanitarian parole permit that is being handed out in Mexico through a greatly expanded “CBP One” cell phone app, two government sources tell CIS.

Those who get the CBP One permits can then be “legally” escorted through a port of entry and be given two-year work permits and access to certain welfare benefits, avoiding the much-backlogged asylum process. (Twenty states have sued the administration over the CBP One program, claiming its reliance on mass paroles is illegal.)

But those who enter illegally, claim asylum, and then stand their ground to appeal the administration’s streamlined denials are quickly released into the interior anyway on their own recognizance on a promise to work through their appeals in a years-long backlog.

[Sources: Despite Talk of Tough ‘Consequences,’ Biden Is Admitting Illegal Immigrants Just Like Before, by Todd Bensman, Center For Immigration Studies, May 19, 2023]

Secretary Mayorkas has gone so far as to take illegal aliens arrested in Texas to California, sending the invaders back to Mexico, but immediately allowing those illegal aliens back in through CBP One.

Illegal immigrants are being coached to voluntarily withdraw their asylum claims, return to Mexico, and then seek to enter the United States on humanitarian grounds, according to a U.S. Border Patrol union leader.

Manny Bayon, a National Border Patrol Council union spokesman in San Diego, told The Epoch Times on May 26 that migrants who enter the United States illegally in Yuma, Arizona, are being bused to the San Ysidro and Otay Mesa ports of entry in San Diego County. From there, they’re returned to Mexico but are allowed to reenter the United States by applying for “humanitarian parole” via the “CBP One” mobile phone app, he said.

“It’s a backdoor deal,” he said. “The minute they go into Mexico, they turn around at the port of entry, and they’re CBP One.”

Contrary to the Biden administration’s claim that it has implemented more stringent policies—with the expiration of Title 42 and return of Title 8—to deter illegal immigration, the new CBP One process is “circumventing everything,” according to Bayon.

[‘Backdoor Deal’ Allows ‘Illegal’ Immigrants to Enter US Legally, Border Patrol Union Leader Says, by Brad Jones, Epoch Times, May 27, 2023]

The May numbers from U.S. Customs And Border Protection (CBP) are not out yet, but expect the numbers of parolees to equal the number of illegal entrants for April. The invasion has not slowed, but just been channeled into the illegal Parole Amnesty.

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