David Frum, Immigration Restrictionist
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Peter Brimelow wrote here that David Frum, for all his left-devationism from conservative orthodoxy, was now, if anything, "more outspoken" about the dangers of immigration than he had been when he still had a fellowship at AEI.

This morning on Twitter, Frum wrote:

His followers didn't get it:

Is this tweet sarcastic? A serious question.

And two other people immediately had a solution: amnesty! Bring them out of the shadows so they can pay taxes! Aargh. (Minimum wage workers don't pay taxes at all—they receive them.)

On VDARE.com, we talk about "socializing costs" a lot, and the emergency room health care issue that Frum is linking to, above, is something we've been writing about for more than ten years. As Peter said, this shift towards patriotic immigration reform

"won't do Frum any good at all on the Left. And it cannot be explained by opportunism."

Frum Twitter Screenshot
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