Did Fentanyl Cause Black Traffic Fatalities To Rise?
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But blacks have been driving worse since Ferguson, and especially since Floyd, as shown by their traffic fatality rates, so they should have been pulled over more.

And if they had been stopped and searched in proportion to their increased bad driving and increased homicides, then the cops would have arrested more due to their packing more guns.

So it’s pretty clear that blacks now face a lower risk relative to their rate of violations.

As for blacks driving worse due to opioid use from 2015 onward, that’s an interesting possibility. On the other hand, whites used a lot of opioids in 2000 to 2015 with little noticeable effect on traffic or homicide fatalities. Case and Deaton called opioids one of the main causes of deaths of despair among the white working class. In contrast, the Ferguson and especially Floyd Effects on murders and car crashes look more like Deaths of Exuberance.

In any case, this is a brave paper to blame the recent sudden rises in black traffic fatalities on black behavior rather than on slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, and racist roads.

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