Don't Trust Hispanic Congressmen On Immigration, No Matter How "Republican" They Claim To Be
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The Republicans have Hispanic representatives Maria Salazar and possible illegal alien George Santos now in their ranks.  Salazar has already come out in favor of a mass amnesty at Davos.

Santos would likely be in favor of it too given that he might need it for himself.

Senator Marco Rubio already showed what an immigration hawk he is (sarcasm). 

You have to wonder if the Stupid Party will ever wake up to the fact that whites, especially white males, are their most loyal voting demographic and one they seem to be intent on losing. 

I have to admire the pure selfishness of Salazar talking about legalizing her fellow La Raza: "I would say 85 percent who speak my language, look like me, and sound like me...”  Imagine if a white person were allowed to say that he wanted people in the country that looked like him and sounded like him.  Screams of racism would be heard for days! 

Yet, we need more people.  We have to grow the economy and the only way to do that is with more bodies.  Even as Elon Musk is warning that technology will lead to greater unemployment and the necessity of a Universal Basic Income.  If we have a billion people, will we then need 1.5 billion to sustain the first billion when they get old?  And, with the next 1.5 billion will we need 2 billion to sustain them? 

”When America becomes solely about money, it will cease to be a country.”


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