Elizabeth Warren Apologizes For Affirmative Action Fraud...Without Admitting To It
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When a white person claims to be a minority to benefit from the lowered standards applied to Affirmative Action cases, we call that "Affirmative Action Fraud."

Nathan Brand, below, also Tweeted

REMINDER: Elizabeth Warren has not addressed when she learned that she is not Native American. Back in May, she refused to answer TWICE when asked at what point she learned that she wasn't not Native American.

What enquiring minds want to know is this: did she know before she became Harvard Law's first woman of color law professor?

Because if so, the "invisible victims" of her fraud include not only the actual minority female law professors who might have got that job, but white female professors who might have been better than her, but because they admitted to being white, didn't have the advantages the "Native American" Warren did.
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