Former Rep. Gutierrez and Sen. Dick Durbin To Push For 1M New Citizens Within Four Years
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Former Rep. Luis Guttierez thinks he didn’t do enough damage to the country when he was in Congress for 26 years, so now, instead of retiring and leaving us alone, he plans to hasten the Great Replacement. With backing from Leftist Senator Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, Gutierrez has started an outfit called “Our Nation’s Future,” the purpose of which is to give citizenship to 1 million green card holders.

At a news conference, Gutierrez, who represented Illinois’ 4th District in Chicago, explained what he has planned for the Historic American Nation:

Our economic success depends on an immigration system as dependable as the immigrants are. Today, 9.2 million green card holders are eligible to become U.S. citizens.  During the next four years, our goal is to help one million green card holders to become citizens of the United States of America.

[Luis Gutierrez, Sen. Dick Durbin Form Organization to Modernize Immigration, by Erica Gunderson, WTTW, June 17, 2022]

Our economic success does not depend on immigrants, but anyway, another non-white, Rebecca Shi, of the American Business Immigration Council, agreed:

We also know that federal immigration reform is the answer,” Shi said. “That this will bring more workers to the pipeline and strengthen our supply chain and will reduce prices for all.

[Luis Gutierrez launches nationwide effort to increase number of naturalized citizens, by Elvia Malagón, Chicago Sun-Times, June 17, 2022]

Durbin’s involvement is unsurprising. Browning the country will cement permanent Democrat power.

“The demographics of America are not on the side of the Republican Party,” he said last year:

The new voters in this country are moving away from them, away from Donald Trump, away from their party creed that they preach.

Which is precisely why an immigration moratorium is a must, and the apparent amnesty that Texas GOP Sen. John Cornyn and other Treason Lobbyists propose must be defeated [John Cornyn Pledges to Sell Out America on Amnesty After Caving on Gun Control, by Sean Moran,, June 21, 2022].

“First guns, now it’s immigration,” he said after helping pass a communist red-flag gun-control bill.

Republicans booed Cornyn at last week’s Texas GOP convention for a reason [John Cornyn, top Republican negotiator on gun package, booed at Texas GOP convention, by Morgan Rimmer and Ali Zaslav, CNN, June 17, 2022]. Like Gutierrez and Durbin, he’s a Treason Lobbyist.

Gutierrez’s outfit is probably superfluous. The Great Replacement proceeds apace. Biden has released 1 million illegals who might well become citizens.

H/T: Breitbart, Border Hawk

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