Giving Tuesday: Excellent Kick-Off To’s Year End Appeal
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Last night was’s 6th Annual Giving Tuesday “Open House” Livestream, featuring John Derbyshire, Peter Brimelow and James Kirkpatrick. This much anticipated annual event kicks off our Year End Appeal with a matching challenge and a cozy evening toasting the season with some of our most popular writers.

2021 did not disappoint! We started the day with an $8,000 matching challenge, and we smashed it well before the livestream even started, bringing the total up to $16,000. We immediately opened up our first stretch goal of $10,000 matching. In years past I’ve been taken by surprise by the speed of our success and have had to scramble around the day of the livestream for stretch matches. This didn’t go unnoticed by our donors and this year I had two donors reach out to me before the event and offer stretches proactively!

We blasted through the $10,000 goal shortly after my walking tour of the castle concluded as an intro to the livestream, bringing us up to a fantastic $36,000!

Then we leveled up to our final and extremely ambitious $25,000 match. I’m proud to say that in the remaining two hours of Giving Tuesday, we made it almost a quarter of the way through that $25,000. You American patriots who support and further our mission in remarkable ways never cease to amaze me with your generosity.

The grand total for Giving Tuesday: $43,294

Thank you, thank you!

Our overall goal for our Year End Appeal is $200,000. After day one of giving we’ve already made excellent progress.

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