GMAIL Is Blocking Emails For Some Reason. Here's A Workaround Until We Get An Answer
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For some mysterious reason, email is now being rebuffed as spam by Gmail. That includes all domain names that are based on Gmail—like (for goodness’ sake) and

Microsoft tells us we should appeal to Gmail. But they are unable to explain how to do that.

In the interim, one of our innumerable lawyers, who must be able to get our emails but whose domain name was based on Gmail, found a workaround. He writes:

As to email, yes, we’re Gmail based.  Here’s what we did:

a) Spam settings: Add senders to an allowlist based on their email address or domain name. Create an allowlist of approved senders by following the steps in Customize spam filter settings.

b) Approved sender lists: Add email addresses and domains to allowlists with the address list option in these Gmail settings: Blocked sendersContent complianceAttachment compliance, and Objectionable content.

We don’t yet know why Gmail has done this to us. We still hope to resolve it. 

But meanwhile, if you are a Gmailer who wants a reply from us, please try Whitelisting, even though it’s a pain.

Many thanks to everyone who responded to Editor Peter Brimelow’s earlier bleg. Alas, none of your suggestions worked. But we welcome all further advice.

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