GOP Debate In The Palmetto State! Early Frontrunner: Rudy McRomney!
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Bravery? Bravery in the Presidency?

Look at Rudy Guiliani!! The man has a speech impediment to rival Cindy Brady and yet his speeches are chock-full of tongue-twisters and "sally sold seashells" numbers. Hey, that's pretty brave!

Gracious...abortion, abortion, abortion. Again, I know it's an important issue but only in the sense that Republicans looking for a "true" Republican candidate will want a strong Pro-Life guy. There are few issues left upon which voters can

(And note to Giuliani: Never debate this issue with Huckabee on this'll walk over, but you're gonna limp back. Governor Huckabee is not only Pro-Life he is very well spoken about it. The most Pro-Choice person in the world could find themselves drawn into a calm, productive debate with Huckabee because he is true believer on this issue and a genuinely compassionate man.)

Finally we arrive at it...The National Question!!

This is Tancredo's strongest issue—the MSM even calls him the "one hit wonder"—and yet he spent his allocated 30-60 seconds talking around the subject and making a few jokes.

Romney just gave a brilliant answer—people actually applauded him. Here's the catch: He managed to sound hard on illegal immigrants but also said "they have to get in line like everybody else" for citizenship. Hmm...loosely translated: those here will not be sent back.

Giuliani wants to focus on creating a national database to track illegal immigrants. Yawn...'s a good one! Should South Carolina be able to fly a Confederate Flag at the Capitol?

McCain said yes...and let's move on! Good for him!

Global warming...again, yawn. Then again I am one of those consumers who is just out of it where environmental issues are concerned. Like society's newfound obsession with "Trans Fat"...I don't even know what that is but KFC is taking it out of their chicken and we just can't have that, people!

Senator McCain is clearly one of the most experienced men on the stage but for some reason he does not appear comfortable at the podium. He vacillates between pounding the podium to rocking back and forth on his feet. Either way, he's just not comfy. early prediction for the front-runner after today's debate is: Rudy McRomney!!

Brownback needs more face time...he could be a real contender if he learns how to capture the sound bite. Brit Hume isn't tossing enough questions to Brownback, Hunter and Tancredo...and of course he's practically ignoring Ron Paul.

Back in a minute!

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