GOP Debate In The Palmetto State! Will There Be A Clear Winner?
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Another day, another debate! Tonight is the GOP debate in South Carolina—generally speaking, the first major debate in the South during a Presidential tends to weed the sick and old out of the pack and identify the frontrunners for the rest of the nation.

First of all, Brit Hume? Not a bad choice...then again, I think anybody can do a better job mediating a political debate after what we saw from Chris Matthews last week and by "anybody" I am including this kid I saw yesterday who had both Down Syndrome and Tourette's Syndrome so that he spat a loud raspberry after every third word—he was also cuter than Matthews!

The first question is of course about the War. Yes, this is an important issue so please don't misunderstand me when I say "Come on! Talk about anything else, boys! Anything! Talk about the need to legislate sloppy joe recipes for all high school lunch rooms...I don't care!"

It's amazing how good these guys are at dodging the issue though...seriously, each of them are very proficient at sounding very well-informed, appearing to have a plan and promising to making a change—without actually saying anything of the sort.

Oh we go! Now they're going to talk about who is more qualified to be Prez based on military experience. "I've got two sons in the Army" or "I spent years as a P.O.W (guess who?) or "I once gave my seat on a packed bus to a woman in uniform."

Yep, that's quite a range of experience but it doesn't really mean anything, you know?

Gas answers worth printing. Moving on the budget and government funding...

OK, Tommy Thompson said "I would automatically have each department come in at 95% of last years budget to control costs."

Ron Paul disagrees "If you think we can cut budgets without looking first at how we operate, we're kidding ourselves. We can't continue to police the world, live as a welfare nation etc. without fixing our spending problems."

Congressman Hunter is commenting on our trade deficit with China—personally, I think a man who drives a vehicle with more than 250,000 miles on it is the type of guy I would trust to design a budget. He doesn't just speak a fiscal responsibility, he lives a fiscally responsible life.

So far...aside from the specific questions, I am impressed with Congressman Tom Tancredo's presence. He is a candidate with the ability to grow and mature throughout the race. For example Gov. Mitt Romney seems too overly positive to the extent that he can only be described at best as....well, vague.

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