GOP Debate Part II: Tom Tancredo Is Smart, Duncan Hunter Is Funny And John Mc Cain Is...Still A Traitor!
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Yeah, this is pretty boring—the only thing different from Part I (so far) is the candidates have taken to standing up and pacing the stage as they answer the questions. Or in Senator McCain's case, he stands and paces the stage while he talks about whatever item is next on the talking points memo he carries on the campaign trail.

(The funny thing it is that the memo was probably written in 1946 when McCain first started running for President.)

"What is the most pressing moral issue facing America today?"

Governor Huckabee stressed the importance of valuing and respecting each and every life. Mayor Giuliani says we have a moral obligation to share our ideas of freedom with the rest of the world, specifically the Middle East. Senator Brownback says we can't nominate a GOP candidate for President who is not pro-life.

Question from the audience: "Governor Romney, you have been accused of flip-flopping on the issues especially immigration. You want English to be the national language and yet you run advertisements in Spanish. Do you consider that hypocritical?"

Yeah, Romney's answer was...well, not an answer. He just ranted on about God knows what...I still don't know.

Congressman Tancredo said flat-out that he would not campaign in Spanish: his advertisements will be written in English and his website will not be translated into Spanish.

Senator McCain started talking about Vietnam veterans with Hispanic surnames and parlayed that into a reason for amnesty—crikey, how does the man do it? He can turn any question into a opportunity! Ask him what he thinks about the Clinton health care plan or even his prediction for the Indy 500 and his response will start with "back in Vietnam..."

My favorite line of the night:

When asked if elected what role George W. Bush would play in their new administration (Part I), Tancredo said:

"Karl Rove told me not to darken to doorstep of the White House because I challenged the administration on immigration and other issues. If elected, I would have to tell them to follow the same policy."

Another great question from the audience:

"In regards to immigration and illegal immigration, what do you think it means to be an American?"

Congressman Tancredo said that it means if you come here and choose to become a U.S. citizen then you denounce your old allegiances. You have to assimilate. Then he asked an even better question:

"People, are we ready to call for a time-out? Have we finally reached the point where we need to stop the flow of legal and illegal immigration."

He went on to explain that his opinion is based on simple practical sense not bigotry or prejudice. Tancredo (and only Tancredo) recognized that our current population levels are far beyond our capacity. He said that we will know when our immigration problem is under control when "you no longer pick up the phone and have to press '1' for English."

Next question was about influences—whom does the candidate consider a great influence both in their lives and on their politics?

I'm almost laughing too hard to write this response! Congressman Hunter just said that the man with the most influence over Giuliani, Mc Cain and Romney is...Ted Kennedy!!

Now, that just made listening the last hour worthwhile!

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