Great Replacement Update: Biden Released 40 Percent Almost 100K Illegals Caught At Border In May
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May wasn’t just another record-breaking month for illegal-alien “encounters” at the border, which reached almost 240,000. It was another chance for Traitor Joe Biden and his Cuban-Jewish Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, to release another nearly 100,000 illegal-aliens to continue colonizing a city or town near you.

The latest numbers published in the Texas v. Biden case are consistent with what the Biden-Mayorkas Axis of Treason has done since Day 1 of the illegitimate regime [State of Texas vs. Joseph R. Biden,]. Biden released about 40 percent of the 239,416 whom agents stopped: 95,318.

Since October 1, the beginning of fiscal 2022, Biden has freed 612,213, and those don’t count releases since he took office. Mayorkas confirmed 836,000 since January 2021.

  • April: 117,989
  • March: 80,116
  • February: 55,043
  • January: 62,573
  • December: 74,799
  • November: 83,725
  • October: 42,560

So adding the latest brings the total to more than 1 million.

That’s right, Biden has released more than 1 million illegal aliens, a major breach of black-letter immigration laws, since he took office. That’s treason.

If that’s not enough to shake the Stupid Party out of its torpor and inspire impeachment proceedings, one can hardly imagine what would be. 

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