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I have waxed enthusiastic in this space about the efforts of HBD aggregators like JayMan at Unz Review and M.G. Miles at Those Who Can See.

As you can see at that latter link, M.G. Miles has a new post up: Why Do Progressives Get Religion?  M.G. takes as her starting point the essay by John McWhorter that I commented on back in January: "Antiracism: Our Flawed New Religion." M.G.:

What is it about the progressive mind that makes it so vulnerable to this type of extreme out-group empathy?

The proposed reasons are many. Today we offer up a selection that may help us better grasp what we're dealing with when faced with a fervent Multiculturalist who seems immune to all fact and logic.

And here's a new (to me) find in the HBD aggregator sphere: The Alternative Hypothesis.  The latest post here is titled "Why Do Black People Commit More Crime?"  Full of well-referenced hatefacts from the rigorous human sciences, it's an exceptionally thorough tossing-and-goring of Culturist blather about poverty and single-parenthood as causes.

Of course, if you'd prefer to go on thinking that human behavior and social outcomes have nothing whatever to do with biology, by all means read a New York Times op-ed instead, or settle down to watch the latest Obama speech.

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