Her Name Is Ashli Babbitt: Unarmed White Woman Gunned Down By State During "Stop The Steal" Rally At Capitol In DC
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This is the day the idea of “white privilege” should have died for good. The nation of “systemic racism” and “implicit bias” too.

Anyone still claiming America has a “white supremacist” culture dominating all life should never be given another second of respect.

“Unearned privilege” must be retired for good.

Why? Because an unarmed white woman was murdered in Washington D.C. by the state.

We’ve watched as massive riots/looting/property damage occurred and police were injured nationwide after a black career criminal died of a drug overdose during an arrest in Minneapolis; or an armed black individual targeted police, but now an unarmed white woman was murdered by the state and with her death comes the end of the idea of “white privilege.”

For if white privilege were a real, pervasive threat truly holding down People of Color from achieving the American Dream, Ashli Babbitt would be the only name you’d know right now. Instead, George Floyd will continue to get an order of magnitude the coverage…

Woman shot and killed during Capitol siege was from San Diego, KHON2.com, January 6, 2021

The woman who was shot and killed as demonstrators stormed the Capitol in Washington, D.C. is said to have been from San Diego.

Relatives have identified her as Ashli Babbit, a 14-year Air Force veteran.

Babbit reportedly owned a business with her husband who did not accompany her to D.C.

“I really don’t know why she decided to do this,” said her mother-in-law to Fox5 in Washington, D.C.

The shooting took place around 3 p.m. E.S.T. She later died after being taken to an area hospital.

Circumstances behind her shooting have not been made public although it has been reported she was shot while climbing into the Capitol through a broken window.

An unarmed white woman, a 14-year Air Force veteran, and wife, was murdered by the state.

She knew something was wrong with the nation and flew to Washington D.C. and for daring to stand up to a stolen election, she was murdered by the state.

Her Name is Ashli Babbitt. More will come out regarding her story, her life, and her passion for a nation being stolen before our eyes.

Her murder by the state is proof “white privilege” isn’t real, and those claiming police won’t open fire on white people "rioting" are grotesque liars, covering for the real privilege existing in America… for almost five months, blacks rioted nationwide, with Corporate America bequeathing/paying tribute to Black Lives Matter with billions in donations.

Not one corporation will acknowledge Ashli Babbitt’s life or death.

Rest in peace, Ashli.

With your death dies the idea of ‘white privilege’ being a permanent fixture in American society, for blacks were allowed to riot in countless American cities during 2020 as police and the state (as well as Corporate America) took a knee to the dominant power source in the USA.

For years, it’s been dubbed Black-Run America (BRA) here.

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