Hmong Shooter Apparently a Polygamist
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Chai Vang, 36, is reportedly a naturalized citizen who has been living here 25 years. Many of the news stories refer to a culture clash between Hmong and Americans, which is not exactly true. Now newspapers that regularly publish multicultural puff pieces lauding diversity must admit to ongoing conflict between Hmong immigrants and Americans over property rights. Not only that, the Hmong are known for taking egregious numbers of fish and deer in violation of posted conservation limits which are there to preserve species for everyone.

The term "culture clash" presumes difference between equals, while the Hmong refugees have refused to assimilate to American laws regarding property and wildlife management, among others including  monogamy  

In fact,  Mr. Vang is himself an apparent polygamist  a detail tucked unobtrusively within a longish article.  "While the police reports on the December 2001 domestic incident indicate  Say Xiong  was the suspect's wife, on Monday the Associated Press interviewed a woman named  Deu Khang , 37, who identified herself as Chai Soua Vang's 'cultural' wife."  

"Cultural wife!" Let's definitely add that to the diversity euphemism list, since polygamy is still a felony.

For more about the unfortunate American victims, see the photo and posting at  ImmigrationsHumanCost.

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