Hungary's Orbán: Illegal Migrants Are More Important To Brussels Bureaucrats Than Their Own European Citizens
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Not having to bother much with legislative negotiating, senior EU bureaucrats have a pretty free hand to do as they please.

One thing it pleased them to do this week was punish Hungary for being mean to so-called ”asylum seekers”: putting them in detention, violating their right to appeal, even—oh good Lord!—even deporting them.

The EU-crats have fined Hungary a lump sum of (translated from euros) 186 million dollars with, in addition, 930 thousand dollars a day to be paid until Hungary complies with EU ”asylum” rules. The money will be automatically subtracted from Hungary’s share of the EU budget.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is of course furious. Quote from him:

It seems that illegal migrants are more important to the Brussels bureaucrats than their own European citizens.
ECJ fines Hungary with €200 million over ’extremely serious’ breach of EU asylum law ,, June 13, 2024

Yes, Mr. Prime Minister: that is indeed how it seems, because that’s how it is.

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