#ICESVU Hates Men, Especially White Men
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Besides hating doing immigration enforcement work, ICE SVU also hates straight, white men.  ICE SVU says it has too many white men and wants to stop hiring men and only hire women, especially black women.

A few months ago, your humble correspondent saw @ICEgovCareers push position announcements for hiring Deportation Officers and Special Agents, but for women only.  I apologize for not writing on the subject at that time, but ICE SVU continues to push for women in its career offerings, careers that generally only men are interested in.

First, a story from 2018.

The government’s leading immigration enforcement agency wants to hire more women to fill its ranks of criminal investigators and deportation officers, and it is undertaking a female-only hiring campaign to do so.

In a pair of announcements posted Tuesday to the federal USAJOBS website, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) opened a public hiring period for entry-level jobs in Enforcement and Removal Operations, the group that locates and deports removable aliens, and Homeland Security Investigations, the division that conducts criminal investigations into federal crimes with a nexus to the border.

Such announcements are a common way for federal law enforcement agencies to bring on classes of new recruits, but ICE’s latest postings come with a catch: men are not allowed to apply.

The single-sex hiring push does not stem from a specific job function that requires more female personnel. Rather, the women-only vacancy announcement was posted in an effort to make ICE’s gender composition more closely resemble that of the broader workforce, according to agency spokesman Matthew Bourke.

“To meet its mission requirements and have a workforce more reflective of the civilian labor force, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans to increase its efforts to attract, hire, and retain female law enforcement personnel,” Bourke told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an email.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which oversees all federal civilian hiring, gave ICE the green light to post the women-only announcements, Bourke added. He did not elaborate when asked about any specific occupational needs that may have prompted the single-sex job postings.

[ICE Posts Women-Only Job Announcement In Push For Gender Equality, by Will Racke, The Daily Caller, June 27, 2018]

You would think that President Trump would have stopped something like this, but no dice.  The Deep State saboteurs at ICE SVU don’t care about the mission, but only on attacking men, who are more likely to push for immigration enforcement.  Note that many of the Dirty 19 were women., disproportionately so.

And it was not just for 2018.  Here is one tweet on the issue:

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Here is the job announcement for female only Deportation Officers and here is the announcement for women only Special Agents.

And it is current policy that ICE SVU only wants women:

And if you did not get the hint than men are not wanted, take a gander at how ICE SVU advertises for other positions—apparently only women and blacks are welcome:

Let me give you some insight into women in law enforcement, in general, most women should not be there.  That is not to say that some haven't worked out well.  Women are especially bad for patrol work and are better as investigators— the juvenile squad and sexual assault detail are where they work best.  I can say that as an investigator with the Federal government, an 1811 classification for those in the know, I have worked with several great investigators, a couple of whom were down for taking suspects down, but I can tell you that most are not in for the arrest part of law enforcement.

On time while I was working with an FBI female agent, we were looking for a suspect with a long criminal history, and her inner female came out.  We had an arrest team of five agents and officers, but we had to break up and check out some addresses.  I paired up with the FBI female agent.  We went to one of the addresses, and as we discussed our strategy, she said “What do we do if he is here?”  I said we will arrest him.  That is women in a nutshell in law enforcement, when it comes to the physical stuff, they don’t work out.  Here’s a video of a female cop being completely useless in making an arrest.  It’s like she is playing patty cake with the suspect.

I can also say that in immigration work women can be great, especially if they have a cultural connection to the alien, as the alien usually accepts anything the female officer says as true, especially if she is an older Asian women.  In this case the Asian respect for older persons will cause them to confess or obey because of the culture.

But sadly, that is the goal of ICE SVU.  Their goal is to feminize law enforcement, make it less threatening and less effective, more sympathetic to the aliens and to concentrate on the “soft” cases like child porn and “rescuing” illegal alien prostitutes.

If the Trump Administration wants ICE SVU in the trenches making arrests, it does not need to illegally discriminate against men.

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