Illegal Alien Arrested For Installing Camera In Bathroom To Watch Daughters Shower
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No one wants to admit it, but Hispanics are prone to child sex crimes, as VDARE’s James Fulford has explained yet again. As if to prove the point, cops in Nashville, Tennessee have arrested an illegal alien, origin unknown, for installing a camera in a bathroom light fixture… to watch his daughters shower and do other private things.

A woman “told police that her husband, 39-year-old Horacio Minero-Hernandez, was remodeling one bathroom and told her to have her daughters take their showers in the other bathroom (where she found the camera).”

Minero-Hernandez confessed on the phone:

During a phone conversation with his wife, in which police say they were listening in on, Minero-Hernandez apparently admitted to putting the camera in the bathroom. When asked why, he reportedly said it was a “mistake,” and that “when you have something wrong in your fu**ing head, you just do it without thinking.”

Minero-Hernandez told police that he never watched the minor children take showers because the camera never worked.

Police took Minero-Hernandez into custody on Friday night. He is charged with two counts of attempted sexual exploitation of a minor, especially aggravated. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer on him, so bond is not set.

[Nashville woman finds video camera hidden in her bathroom, husband arrested, by Anthony Glover, Fox17 WZVT Nashville, November 20, 2022]

Assuming the camera really didn’t work, the family is apparently lucky the house didn’t go up in flames. Maybe Minero-Hernandez was no better at electrical work than the illegals whom Former Agent recently described

Anyway, years ago, a leftist police reporter told me what a prosecutor told him: Hispanic men are prone to sexually abusing young girls. Unhappily, the prosecutor wouldn’t repeat that on the record or on background so the reporter could write a story.

Still, as Fulford concluded, “if you wanted to know if Hispanics were more likely to commit rape, especially child rape, one person you could ask a would-be a crime reporter.”

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