Illegal Voters And The SPLC
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If an election can turn on a sentence, this could be the one: “You don’t need papers for voting.” Busby on defense, says she misspoke, By Dani Dodge, San Diego Union-Tribune June 3, 2006

That was the San Diego Union-Tribune weighing in on Francine Busby’s astonishing appeal for the electoral support of illegal aliens,already covered heavily by conservative media.

Her claim to have “misspoken” rests on the assumption that she was looking for other forms of support than illegal votes:

Bilbray said at worst, Busby was encouraging someone to vote illegally. At best, she was encouraging someone who is illegally in the country to work on her campaign.

For example, undocumented immigrants who didn’t have “papers for voting ” could provide the crack cocaine for voter registration drives, they could deliver cigarettes to homeless shelters in order to get out the Democratic vote, or they could slash tires in order to keep the Republican vote in. That wouldn’t involve illegal voting.

In 2002, the SPLC launched a smear attack on Dr. John Tanton, and the immigration reform movement in general. Their agents attended an immigration reform meeting on February 13, 2002, at which Brian Bilbray spoke:

After Tancredo’s 10-minute pep talk, Brian Bilbray, a former Republican congressman from San Diego, Calif., weighed in with horror stories about an impending social catastrophe due to immigration.

“We are creating a slave class that criminal elements breed in,” said Bilbray, who complained bitterly — and improbably [emphasis added] — that he lost his 2000 re-election bid because “illegal aliens” had voted against The Puppeteer[See also The Social Contract Press - The Puppeteer Replies.]

It doesn’t seem so improbable now, does it?

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