Illegals Complaining About Lack Of American Tax Money
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Of course, even Americans aren't necessarily entitled to taxpayer-funded college educations, (did you know that the word education doesn't appear anywhere in the Constitution) but illegal immigrants are really not entitled to free university degrees.

Oddly enough, the Supreme Court says illegals are entitled to free education up to high school. Perhaps they're using a different copy of the Constitution.

The story below is typical sob story stuff, propaganda for Dream Act type funding for illegals who qualify for college.

While such funding was vetoed in California by Schwarzenegger, I'm afraid every government program which illegals aren't eligible to tap will experience explosive growth in costs if the Senate Sellout passes.

Effect of illegal status on college students detailed - Effect of illegal status on college students detailed By Rong-Gong Lin II, Los Angeles Times May 20, 2007

What does it mean to be an undocumented immigrant studying at a California college?

According to students who appeared Saturday before a panel of California lawmakers at UCLA, it's a relentless scramble to secure enough money to attend school.

It's not only hard to find a job, but it's also extremely difficult to secure financial aid or scholarships to help pay for tuition, causing some to drop out to save up, the students told five legislators: two state senators and three assemblymen.

Paola Fernandez, 21, said she's unsure whether she'll have enough money to attend UC Santa Barbara in the fall.

Fernandez, whose parents brought her to the Central Valley from Mexico illegally when she was 4, just graduated from a Kern County community college, where she was a top student.

Sophomore Ernesto Rocha, 20, who crossed the border when he was 8, sometimes takes his sleeping bag to a UCLA library or a friend's nearby apartment because he can't afford to live on campus.

However, the cost of living in Mexico is much cheaper, and I understand tuition at the University of Mexico is cheap, too.

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