Illegals Get Free Healthcare Despite “Prohibitions”
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When it comes to freebies for grifter illegal aliens, the taxpayer’s hard-earned cash is never safe from liberal pickpocket politicians, who serve illegals first, not citizens. Remember, any tax money spent on illegals is cash taken from Americans who may need it, particularly when it’s healthcare dollars.

When Obamacare was rolled out, the Democrats swore up and down that illegals wouldn’t get it. Now we learn that many do, even though the money is strained through county governments. And just this week, candidate Hillary Clinton said that illegals should get government healthcare, suggesting that her administration would supply it,

Now liberals argue that it’s cheaper to pay for normal delivery of healthcare than to have illegals running to the emergency room for every little problem, which they are allowed to do by law. But that idea ignores what a huge magnet American medicine is, and people come from all over (but particularly Mexico) to get very expensive treatment for seriously ill relatives. It was reported in 2006 that “hundreds” of illegals had arrived in Colorado for “free medical care they say they can’t get back home.” The cost for all this unaccountable do-goodery must be a fortune, and America is unimaginably broke.

This generosity even extends to organ transplants for illegals, where the rarity of available organs means that any given to a lawbreaking foreigner takes one from a citizen on a wait list. For example, illegal Mexican Ana Puente received three liver transplants from the state of California at a cost of well over a million dollars. Another transplant receiver was Jesica Santillan whose family paid a coyote $5000 to smuggle the girl for the express purpose of getting free American treatment for her life-threatening illness.

So any news that the healthcare door is wide open again may well prompt healthcare seekers to add to the crush of illegals headed for stupid-generous America.

The current free healthcare situation was discussed on Fox News between Tucker Carlson and Stuart Varney on Friday. The Wall Street Journal article mentioned is Illegal Immigrants Get Public Health Care, Despite Federal Policy.

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, health care coverage for illegal immigrants may be banned under federal law, and it is. But a new report shows that out of 25 U.S. counties with the largest unauthorized immigrant populations, 20 of them have programs that cover medical costs for illegal aliens. It costs taxpayers more than $1 billion a year. Here to break down the numbers on this, Stuart Varney host of Varney & Co. on the Fox Business Network. We’re glad to have him this morning. Great to see you, Stuart.

STUART VARNEY: Thanks very much, Tucker. nice to be here.

CARLSON: So, this is illegal, and yet it’s happening?

VARNEY: Yes, that is precisely right. They don’t get health care coverage from the federal government. They’re not part of Obamacare, but counties in America with a large number of illegals in those counties, they do have programs to provide free or very, very low-cost health care to illegal immigrants. As you just pointed out, it’s the Wall Street Journal, they’ve looked at 20 counties in America and found that they are spending $1 billion a year to provide free or very low-cost coverage for illegals. They get doctors visits, flu shots, drugs, lab tests, some surgery, all paid for by local taxpayers. Now they, all illegals of course, can go to the emergency room. That’s the law. You’re sick, you go to the emergency room, they’ve got to treat you.

CARLSON: Anybody can.

VARNEY: Anybody can do that. So, now you add on top of this the free coverage that’s given in some counties in America and you’ve basically got health care coverage for illegal immigrants being paid for probably by middle America. That’s who’s paying for it.

CARLSON: Of course, because there’s so much federal money into the states. Hillary Clinton’s now come out for adding illegals to Obamacare.

VARNEY: Her daughter Chelsea said yes, that’s right. So what you’ve got here is that you are stabilizing the illegal population in the United States. They’ve got education. They’ve got health care. They’ve got driver’s licenses in many cases. They are here. That entrenches their position in America and seriously squeezes local budgets. You want to build a new road, you want to build a new bridge, and yet you’ve got to pay for illegal health care coverage at the same time. You’re getting squeezed from all sides here.

CARLSON: Such a good point. It’s suicidal.

VARNEY: The politics of this to me is that most of these counties are Democrat run; the Democrats are buying votes, buying the Hispanic vote with somebody else’s money that is my political interpretation of what’s going on.

CARLSON: After health care and schools comes voting. It’ll happen.

VARNEY: I spent 40 years as a legal immigrant, not being a citizen and I couldn’t vote.

CARLSON: We are glad to have you. You are a living argument for some kinds of immigration.

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