Illegals Now Swarming VERMONT Border—And Biden Is Releasing Them, Too
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Morale on the Northern Border is as bad as it’s ever been. The Buffalo Sector in Upstate New York is sending supervisors over to the neighboring Swanton Sector in Vermont to help out with arresting aliens.

As one of our readers pointed out, didn’t Biden and Trudeau sign an immigration deal at the beginning of this year?

In theory, it would make it harder to make asylum claims.

“Under this new agreement, Canada will be able to send unauthorized asylum seekers who are apprehended within 14 days of crossing the border back to the US, with the US able to similarly send asylum seekers back to Canada in that time frame.”
Biden and Trudeau’s immigration deal makes it easier for both countries to turn away asylum seekersIt’s the latest move by the Biden administration to take a harsher approach on the issue, by Li Zhouli, Mar 24, 2023

Yeah, there’s theory and then there’s practice.

I was talking to some former colleagues and they were telling me that when the number of illegal aliens coming across in Swanton Sector started going up, initially, just like on the Southern Border the aliens were surrendering to our Agents. However, now, the aliens are starting more often to run from our agents [Migrant Apprehensions in One Canadian Border Sector Surpass Prior 11 Years, by Bob Price and Randy Clark, Breitbart, October 5, 2023].

It’s one thing that a lot of people don’t understand about immigration enforcement. Sometimes, an Agent will arrest an alien and be ordered to release the alien after processing the alien. Other times, the alien will get turned over to the Deportation Officers (D.O.s). The D.O.s may also release the illegal alien. An Asylum Officer may find the alien has a “reasonable possibility” of success in court and order them released on their “Own Recognizance” (OR-ed). As an Agent, you often don’t know what became of the alien you arrested.

Agents have sometimes arrested aliens, processed them for deportation and sent them away only to encounter the same alien the next day who was now in possession of paperwork allowing them to be released.

It may seem hard to believe, but often new illegal aliens showing up in the U.S. for the first time know more about whether they will be released or not than the Agents do. That’s because the aliens get informed by family and friends who have gone before them on whether they’ve been released or not. They get updated not just by phone but by Facebook and Instagram too.

Plus, the NGOs like Catholic Charities are happy to inform them on where policy stands, not to mention that they do coach the aliens on what to say in order to get political asylum.

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