In 92.4% Non-White Baltimore City Schools (76.6% Black), 41% Of High School Students Earn Below 1.0 GPA
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Welcome to a school system where the student body is 7.6 percent white and 76.6 percent black (do the math… 92.4 percent non-white).

Welcome to Baltimore, a city where white privilege has been depleted, with systemic racism, implicit bias and structural inequality erased.

What’s left? A world where the standards long ago set by your average white individual are a bridge too far for those who inherited the city via white flight.

Baltimore City Schools: 41% of high school students earn below 1.0 GPA, Fox Baltimore, July 14, 2021

Baltimore City Schools has reached an alarming low in student performance. Project Baltimore has learned, during the first three quarters of this year, nearly half of high school students in City Schools earned a grade point average below a D.

When Jovani Patterson ran for Baltimore City Council President last year, he ran on a platform that included accountability in education.

“They take. They take. They take. Yet, despite the amount of money they get. We don’t see much change. Our schools outspend 97% of other major school districts,” Patterson said during a 2020 campaign ad.

When Project Baltimore showed Patterson how Baltimore City students have been doing this year, here is how he reacted.

“This is terrible,” Patterson told Project Baltimore. “This is just further perpetuating a cycle of poverty, of despair.”

Project Baltimore obtained a chart assembled by Baltimore City Schools. The chart shows the average GPA for every high school grade in the city – freshman through senior. In the first three quarters of this past school year, according to the chart, 41% of all Baltimore City high school students, earned below a 1.0 grade point average. In other words, nearly half of the 20,500 public high school students in Baltimore earned less than a D average.

“It’s heartbreaking,” said Patterson. “If almost half of our kids are failing, what options do they have after high school? This is really disheartening. It’s sad to see this.”

On the other end of the chart, 21 percent of city high school students earned a GPA of 3.0 or better; a B average. That’s about half as many who earned below a D. We can also see the district lost 706 high school students during the first three quarters of the year.


Do you understand what’s about to happen in this century, where anti-white sentiments manifest in not just the celebration of mediocrity, but the removal of all standards once safeguarding the average achievement capability of a majority white nation?

Somehow, this entire situation and the porous public schools in nearly 75% black Baltimore will be blamed on white people. Never mind Baltimore City Schools spends $16,000+ per pupil (third highest of any school system in America), for historic white racism is the real villain behind this entire sordid scandal of innocent black bodies failing upwards…

Somewhere, the Chinese leadership are laughing hysterically. They know this century belongs to their people, because the American people succumbed to a greater threat than bombs, bullets, nuclear weapons or even death… that of being dubbed a “racist.”

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