In Joe Biden’s America, BIPOC Terrorists Are Welcome
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For all his faults,  and Jared Kushner, Kirstjen Nielsen and Rod Rosenstein are just some of those faults, Donald Trump at least tried to keep terrorists out of the country. In fact, President Trump tried hard to keep Muslim terrorists out, but was met with great resistance by the kritarchs and terrorist sympathizers in the United States. After the first Muslim ban was instituted, thousands of sympathizers rallied at airports to show their support for Black, Indigenous, People Of Color (BIPOC) killers.

Useful Idiots And BIPOC Terrorist Sympathizers

Despite the demonstrations and interference by kritarchs, a partial Muslim ban was put into effect. What was more important was that those charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists were allowed to do their job; identify, arrest, and deport arriving BIPOC terrorists. The agency charged with inspecting arriving BIPOC terrorists is U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the component of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) charged with actually protecting our borders and making decisions as to the admissibility of aliens at Ports-of-Entry (POE) upon their arrival into the United States. These inspections are executed by Customs and Border Protection Officers (CBPO) assigned to the Office of Field Operations.

CBP is currently headed by Biden nominee Chris Magnus, a notorious homosexual and vocal supporter of illegal immigration and racial discrimination against hiring White males.

Homosexual Illegal Alien Supporter Chris Magnus

Note He Is Not Wearing The CBP Commissioner’s Uniform

We now know that the BIPOC and Muslim terrorist, Malik Faisal Akram, who attacked a house of worship in Texas, had a long criminal history, a public history of supporting Muslim BIPOC terrorism, and a history of mental illness. Despite this, Chris Magnus ensured that he was able to enter the United States.

The security services were today accused of a serious ‘intelligence failure’ after a British Islamist was able to travel to the US to lay siege to a synagogue despite his significant criminal convictions and known radical views.

As police in the US and UK scramble to discover if he was part of a wider terror cell, it has emerged that Malik Faisal Akram, 44, from Blackburn, Lancashire, was branded a ‘menace’ for raving about the attack on the World Trade Centre in 2001.

The terror suspect was given a rare Exclusion Order at Blackburn’s magistrates’ court – the first in 25 years – for abusing staff about 9/11 on the day after the attack that claimed more than 2,750 lives.

[EXCLUSIVE ‘You Get Picked Up In The US For Walking On Cracks In A Pavement!’ Security Services Are Accused Of ‘Intelligence Failure’ After British Synagogue Siege Terrorist, 44, Evaded Officials Despite Criminal Convictions And 9/11 Rant, by Martin Robinson, et al., Daily Mail, January 17, 2022]

Now, CBP had plenty of opportunities to intercept Akram. The first was when he completed his application to enter the United States on the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) at the online portal Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA), required for all persons seeking to enter the United States. For citizens of certain countries, a Non-Immigrant Visa is generally required, but citizens and nationals of certain listed countries, generally wealthier nations like Germany, the U.K., Japan, etc., are not required to have a visa for routine business and tourist purposes on the VWP.

Akam entered on the VWP, having first filled out an ESTA application, which was mysteriously approved. An approved ESTA application is required before an commercial carrier can board a passenger or the alien can enter the United States. CBP adjudicates the ESTA application through its National Targeting Center (NTC), which conducts an investigation of the applicant, searching various public and private databases for evidence of applicability of exclusion charges, generally referred to as grounds of inadmissibility under the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended, section 212(a), including criminal activity and support for terrorism.

Somehow, Akam’s ESTA application was approved. One wonders why, given his apparent long criminal history and public terrorist sympathies. However, this was not the last hurdle for Akam. Yet to go was the POE where Akam was scheduled to arrive, in this case JFK International Airport in New York City. At JFK, the first hurdle, besides the long lines, is the local POE Passenger Analysis Unit (PAU), where the assigned CBPOs review passenger manifests provided at least 12 hours before arrival by the airlines.

Here the PAU profiles and conducts additional checks for indicators of unlawful intent, be it an intended overstay, criminal activity, smuggling, or terrorism. Both here and the NTC should have caught Akam’s public and criminal activity. Likely someone with such BIPOC terrorist sympathies would have an online history of such beliefs, which is one of the things the NTC searches for. However, the PAU either did not select Akam for review, or failed to properly review his records. Or, more likely, were directed by Magnus, through new policies, to ignore evidence supporting exclusion charges, and not to protect Americans from terrorism in the name of equity for BIPOCs.

In the old days of the 1990s under Bill Clinton, the legacy Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) was under orders to routinely ignore exclusion charges and admit aliens who were, under the law, inadmissible. So, new orders from Magnus, either formal or informal, are likely the root cause of this BIPOC terrorist attack. Magnus hated immigration enforcement when he was a fake cop, and as Commissioner of CBP he has the power to influence immigration enforcement, detrimentally. Likely orders went out to go soft on aliens, just as DHS has issued order to ICE SVU to stop arresting illegal aliens.

See the source image
CBP Inspection Booth At An Airport POE

The last hurdle for Akam was a personal inspection by a CBPO at the airport. Here a CBPO questions an alien as to the purpose and length of the alien’s intended visit. The CBPO is supposed to determine if the alien has a return ticket, has sufficient funds for the alien’s intended length of stay, where they will stay in the United States, etc. We know that Akam had little or no money—he stayed at Christian homeless shelters in New York and Dallas—so we have some clues that the inspection was little more than perfunctory. Now, having done inspections for many years, I can let the public in on a little secret. We used profiling. The wrong look of a passenger, hesitancy in answering questions, no clear answers as to intent or proof of where they were staying, or just looking “hinky” would get the alien sent to Secondary Inspection. (The initial inspection is, at an airport, in a booth called Primary Inspection.) In Secondary Inspection, a more through inspection is conducted, where a person as crazy as Akam was should have been readily apparent. Just his being Pakistani from a terrorist source country and municipality: Blackburn, Lancashire, UK, is a hotbed of BIPOC Muslim terrorism. In my days, his mere profile would have had him in Secondary, and likely on the plane back.

However, this obviously did not happen, but it should have. Akam was a walking profile of a crazed BIPOC terrorist. As I said before, the quality of CBPOs is declining with the Brown Run Border, and only exacerbated by pro-illegal alien management under the Biden Regime Administrative Amnesty.

Salvatore Ingrassia, The Man Responsible for Malik Akram?

You can contact the JFK Port Director Salvatore Ingrassia here and ask why BIPOC terrorists are waltzing through his POE to kill Americans. I would expect a Son of Italy to do better. Port Directors are responsible for the training and actions of their subordinates. Could be he is legacy Customs. Customs pukes hate doing immigration law. Note that on his LinkedIn profile, under Skills and Endorsements, he puts “Customs Regulations” but not “Immigration Law.” Between the Customs pukes and the Brown Run Border, we will all be killed sooner or later by BIPOC illegal alien terrorists.

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