JULY 14 RADIO DERB ON AIR! South Africa Slowly Collapses; it’s 1984 AGAIN, Etc. (10 + ITEMS)
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Radio Derb is on the air–go here to listen, here to download the MP3. Playlist below:

01m18s — Europe’s big issue is …. capitalism? (And the threat to public order is from the right?)

07m43s — Stories from retail politics. (No war, no treason.)

13m08s — South Africa: Zimbabwe in slow motion. (The ANC goes anti-white.)

21m36s — Trump lays it on thick. (While a patriot dies.)

27m28s — Moravec’s Paradox takes another hit. (Face to face with AI.)

34m30s — Down among the luvvies. (Getting Orwell not even wrong.)

47m26s — Another populist victory. (Please don’t invade Europe again.)

49m13s — Reductio ad Hitlerum ad absurdum. (An unlikely Führerin.)

51m35s — Tre, Pol, and Pen get mad. (The latest terrorist threat.)

53m27s — Signoff. (Gender-neutral.)

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